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DT990 AFK Khan Mod

I watched a (fairly) recent review by Josh Valour of this product, the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Khan AFK mod and I'm very curious as to how it fares against other phones in this price range. I know Josh has pretty much given us a complete review, but since audio is a very subjective matter I'd like to see if anyone has tried these out yet. To those who managed to grab a pair of these before they were sold out (they are currently), how good is it? Is it a worthy sidegrade to the hd6xx? Or is the Modhouse Argon Mk3 a better option and more different sounding than the AFK Khan to the hd6xx? Look forward to your kind response! :D -yjuo01

Can't speak for this mod, but I really prefer my 880 to my 990. The 990 is the only can I've spent real time with where the treble was too much for taste. I like 'em bright, but the 990 is nuclear.
Unfortunately I have noticed that the way Josh made the review it is as if he was making some sort of a promotional video instead of a proper review like what he always does. And the fact that he didn’t listen to the stock 990 but went ahead to say that the khan mod is better in most regard doesn’t convince me enough. That is why I’m asking for honest opinions here.
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In a review, especially when you have a fairly large audience, opinions must be honest. That is the difference between an actual review and a promotional vid. It enhances credibility and promotes the channel growth. How do you know that he is telling what he actually thinks? What I want him to do? Is what everyone who watches his channel wants. Honest opinions, unbiased reviews. Simple as that. What do screaming and yelling have to do with this? I’m confused. I won’t be replying to anything related to josh and his channel anymore. Keeping the discussion strictly on the dt990 mod.
So you're speaking for everyone now? BTW, it's obvious you didn't read the part where I said the Kahns are SOLD OUT!! So you can't even buy them if you wanted them.
They're Beyerdynamics so you can't go wrong with them. I own the DT 700 Pro 80 Ohms and they are my go to headphone for listening at home. Plus if you have the right DAC/Amp combo you'll get even better sound. Well worth the money if you ask me. Now I just wish Josh would make a sound demo video like Zeos does with his headphone videos. After all, the most important part is how they sound.