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Should I take the QC risk and buy he-4xx or should I get the DT990 pros off amazon? This was supposed to be a poll but I cant see any link or button to create a poll on the poll page! 😭

The HE-4XX has very good build Quality it's much better than the original HE-400
I have owned the dt990 pros for 5 years already and although i have better headphones i still come back to them from time to time because they are so fun to listen to. Although i hear that some people can't stand them (too sharp). But you can round that off with a very simple mod (just adding some cotton). Imo they are definitely worth 150 USD.
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HD600 still stack up to every headphone in its price range and its 20 years old. Here you go https://www.head-fi.org/threads/simple-dt990-mod.250313/. I prefer them a little bit more with the mod but thats up to you.
Why either of those if the HD58X is an option :)
They dont ship to India. Still thanks tho!
Do you have an Amp? If so, I'd go with the 4xx. Otherwise, go with the 32ohm DT990. I own the 4xx and the DT990 600ohm and prefer the 4xx. I have had no durability issues with the 4xx. This was not the case with the 400i I had before the 4xx. The DT990 are lighter and very comfortable, but to my ear when properly amped the 4xx are hard to beat.
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I like the highs of the 4xx. They are in a comfortable place for me with anything I listen to. The DT990 are very detailed, recessed mids and decent bass. Borderline boomy. The highs are borderline intolerable and can get fatiguing.. It depends on what I'm listening to and which amp I'm using. My preference for amps with the DT990 is the DarkVoice. It takes the edge off the highs.
HE4XX is ~1.5x harder to drive than HD650, so probably also harder to drive than DT 990 250ohm.