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Turntable Setup

Hi all, I'm looking to set up a entry level turntable and did some research but wanted to get all your opinions. What I'm currently considering is: Rega planar 1 Schiit Mani preamp JDS Atom amp Dt990 or He4xx headphones Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Cheers --- Edit I currently have a dragonfly red and sony mdr1a for mobile use. For this setup I want some open back cans with a better soundstage and less bass than mdr1a.
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Seems like a reasonable configuration to me. All pretty good bang for the buck but I would caution you on the DT990. While a pretty solid set of cans they have a fairly pronounced treble, owned them for many years and they don't get much use relative to my other headphones. I'm a almost daily user of the HE=500 so my vote would say the 4xx is a safer choice on the tonality front. Owned the 880, currently own the 990 ,T1 and 1350 and have listened to the 770. Of all the beyers of which I am familiar the 990's treble is the most prominent to my ears.
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