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The best cheap (less than $50) headphones, what do I buy?

Hello, Massdrop! Never heard of you until reading an article on The Verge. I've got a simple question. What are the best headphones I can buy for less than $50? Tend to prefer earbuds. Not the type that sit on your ear, but the type that go into your ear. Microphone would be great, play/pause/volume controls would be awesome, but both are not mandatory. And hey, if this is one of those "OMFG, YOU'RE SUCH A NOOB!" type questions, just link me to a thread where this has been asked before and I'll go about my merry way. Thank you, Stefan

The Monk ear buds are pretty nice
On ear, Koss Porta Pro or KSC75 In ear, Tin Audio T2 (or perhaps take a chance on that new T3!)
Koss portaPro.......Amazing after all these years!
Either get the Koss ksc75 or tin t2/t2 pro. I have yet to try the t2 but I own the ksc75’s and there’s no greater price to performance ratio in any other headphone when compared to the koss.
Go get some China ones. Blows any of those mentioned above out of the water. Do yours research on ChiFi tho
Koss Porta.Pro
The Mee Pinnacle P2 that drops on here for about $42 is one of the best deals you will find, if you can be patient for the next drop. Search for it and hit request so you get notified.
Superlux 668b with velour pads 👌🏻 and do some mods. You will be more than pleased with the result 😉 But if you really want earphones then go with Sony mh1c or Samsung/akg earphones that were bundled with the s8/9. You should really watch clavinetjunkie on YouTube he has a good review on both of these earphones👍🏻
My current favorite is the Soundmagic E11C. They have a built in remote & the mic is crystal clear. They have a wonderful sounding midrange with good extension on both ends. Good tonal balance with decent spatial cues. They aren't detail monsters & don't have ultimate bass extension but are a real fun listen. They can readily be found for $40 delivered on eBay.
Should've asked best cheap "Earphones". Headphones sit on the head. Best cheap earphone under $50 would probably be Moondrop Crescent or Sony mh1c or AKG samsung S8/9 earphone (many cheap ones online are fake so probably not worth buying). There may also be some quality control issues with the Sony and AKG earphones so probably best go for Moondrop Crescent.