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Another "best Dac and/or Amp for Sennheiser HD6XX and why"

Just joined the HD6XX drop and now I wonder what i should buy to get the full sound out of them. Sould I buy a dac and amp or one of them only. I have already bought the Zorloo ZuperDAC for portability but I need something for my computer at home. I was considering something like the Topping D30 DAC & A30 Headphone Amp combo but now it has ended. My budget is around 200 dollars. Thanks!

Jun 23, 2018
Plug it into a monoblock speaker amp and turn the volume all the way up. This will blow up the HD 6XX and allow you to buy something better instead!
Jun 22, 2018
how is the Zorloo?
Sep 12, 2017
sorry to be out of topic a little but still about dac/amp combo. i have HD 598SE and planning to buy dac/amp combo for this cans. Which one do you prefer between Xduoo XD-05 and Dragonfly Red since i want to buy one of these. Both seems good after all. Thanks!
Sep 3, 2017
Dragonfly black and littledot 1+ with Voshkod tubes. Dragonfly is good on the go with the 6xx and the littledot adds a nice warm sound
Just checked that Topping DAC and Amp combo, has 4 days left. It would work for your Senns. They are 300 ohm cans, and I have heard mine on the Topping,(the one I reviewed here), and they are powered fairly well.
You should, however, visit the JDS Labs site, see that what they want for the O2 DAC/Amp combo in the "B" stock section,(minor blems, new gear), is only $239, VERY NICE equipment. You will not go wrong with the JDS power and sound. I've been reviewing the O2 here,(in the O2 amp drop section), and I have found that I am liking the O2 better than Schiit....SPOILER ALERT; I am finishing up the Sennheiser and Grado section... and the O2 is beating Schiit sound on my Senns.
Here's a handy link;
Hope this helps you. Hope to have the rest of the O2 review finished off tomorrow sometime, BTW. :)
After that, you will have to start saving for a tube amp. Da BOM with a decent set of Senns and live music...
Sep 1, 2017
Lyr isn't really a tube amp, it looks like a hybrid with pre-tube and SS power, it's also got a PCB instead of PTP as with most good tube amps. Know what you mean by cash vortex, like the Amperex PW 6922 costs $300 a tube, two of these would cost more than the Lyr itself!!
Funny you say the Lyr are good with Audeze, when I listened to one the LCD-2 was plugged in and I had the option between it and the HD650. It was the first time I heard the HD650 and it surprised me how different it sounded to my HD600. I completely ignored the LCD-2 as I was so much more impressed with the HD650. It's probably just me though, I've never really got into orthos, they just sound incoherent to me on some level, whether it's headphones or speakers.
I'm with you on tube amps, they are just in a different category. I see a good SS as neutral and accurate, OTOH I see a good tube amp as euphonic but far from accurate :)
JackulaCORRECT. about the Lyr. However... it's got a tubular goodness about it that makes me put it into a tubie category...something definitely not quite SS about the way it sounds.With the right glass in there, it's luscious, even. Wasn't that a DREAM match up with the 650's?!?
Orthos are not for everybody. (If nothing else, they can break your frickin' neck) And not every ortho is as good as every other ortho, not even close. Even if it's the bestest ortho EVER, the wrong amp will tank that sucker.
This is why I try to be as helpful as I can with folks who are just learning gear. It's SO hard and confusing to get it right, and very easy to have a real crap first experience that then can kill it for you forever.
Fun chatting back and forth with you, man! Happy Weekend at ya!
Aug 25, 2017
Are you willing to build anything yourself? If so get the D30 next time it drops and build yourself an amp. Should be easy to accomplish for $100. The link below has build plans for one of my personal favorites for hd6xx, is easy to build, and comes in somewhere around or less than $100.
I find O2 too weak to drive the HD6xx fully, but the Butte does so beautifully and is the least expensive amp I've come across that does so. D30 offers a great feature set for the price.
Aug 17, 2017
The O2 drop has ended. But, check this out: . Maybe an O2 and Dragonfly Black would work for you.
Aug 14, 2017
If the XDuoo X5 drop is still available, that has been said to have enough power for the HD6xx and is a DAC/amp combo for 170. But do listen to others, as I have experienced only an O2 and Fulla and a few Fiio amps (fiio and Fulla won't give enough power compared to what others are recommending for the 6xx) so hopefully either the schiit stack people have stated or the XDuoo that was on drop will have power to drive it decently.
Welcome to the world of audio!
Aug 6, 2017
Magni+Modi at $99 each
Aug 14, 2017
Well shipping and taxes is a no-brainer, pretty much everbody pays for that. The RCA connections is an added cost but you don't have to pay their asking price. Schiit actually recommends you buy monoprice ones.
Aug 14, 2017
JukaSrry, in my country the tax is always included in the price of a product.
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