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Why no speakers?

I just joined mass drop and Iam wondering... Why doesn't the audiophile section ever seem to have hi fidelity speakers? I see head phones and I see dacs but no speakers or anything you can use to build an audiophile home theater system.

Mar 15, 2019
Because nobody buys them. It's as simple as that.
Mar 15, 2019
There's many reasons.
  • I have all of the speakers I need.
  • I can't get the same sound quality that I can get with headphones for anywhere near the same price.
  • I don't have a dedicated listening room and treating my living room to optimize it for speaker listening is not aesthetically or financially pleasing.
  • I can't listen to speakers without impinging on others around me.
  • I can't block background distractions with speakers.
  • Etc.
Headphones are a much more economically/space friendly playground when I need a fix.
HeeftyI will also add that shipping larger speakers is extremely expensive. One tower speaker can run 100lbs boxed and subs can easily exceed that. Most time freight shippers are used, that requires logistics resources beyond the simple coordination of small package shipping. Also many of the audiophile brands are entrenched in a dealer/distributor network and alienating those channels by selling direct on Massdrop would create issues for them.
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