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What is the difference between silver-plated and copper cables?

What is the difference between silver-plated and copper cables?

Sep 8, 2019
Short: think of pure DC, as electron flow through the bulk of a conductor. Think of anything with a frequency, an ordered period, a signal, traveling along the top 2,000 to 1 microns, of the surface, of the conductor. It is less work for them to ride shotgun;), the higher the frequency, they ride closer to, literally at, the surface. Most of this phenomena is truly seen in effect at frequencies far, far beyond the audible spectrum, but it is still happening. Electrons always take the easy route, it’s the law;) Silver is the best conductor we have, until you move to superconductivity, and watch audiophiles silver plate those some day... Silver is a unique element, and problematic with corrosion, though silver oxide is conductive. Some heated windshields make use of this, look Ma no wires. Silver will benefit almost any conductor, more often used as a surface material, due solely to expense. The actual short part; Silver is used to reduce loss and distortion/noise in electrical circuits. Even shorter; I own pure Silver cables.
Silver is a unique element:
Sep 7, 2019
As long as the cable is not garbage, there shouldn't be any perceivable difference
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