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USB Audio Switch

Any ideas on how to split the USB audio signal from a computer so I can switch between two different dacs without unplugging one and plugging in the other. Interested in splitter and/or switch. Presently I have two usb cables plugged into my computer but the computer will only recognize one dac at a time so I physically have to switch which cable I am using to change dacs. Thank you!
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Sep 26, 2019
Not until you go to the Thunderbolt level is there availability of good switches. USB run-O-mill hubs for music, would not bother,, plug & un-plug... We do need a new optical standard interface for audio, not hand-me-down compromised & bastardized crap like USB,,, old rant: Ref: USB co-miserate chat:
Sep 24, 2019
If you get a USB hub that you can connect multiple too that could work. Just be warned though USB hubs have latency which I personally find annoying. You should be able to change audio devices in your sound settings with a few clicks although it wont be very fast. I dont know of dedicated devices for swapping between devices.
QwervyThis is the best option IMO if you (OP) don't want to swap cables each time. I have a DAP as well as a DAC that I use with my PC/Laptop and I just change the device in Jriver with them both connected via a USB hub.
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