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HeadPHONES for Gaming

Hey guys, I actually wanted to jump into the audio bandwagon, all the while discovering this place. I am mostly a gamer, but I enjoy music a lot too. I joined the drop for the Senheiser 6xx, after reading the reviews I noticed that it was hard to beat that price to cost performance. But I wouldn't mind some opinions, what headphones would you recommend for gaming? I understand the 6xx are overall amazing yet are a tiny lacking in the soundstage department.

The Sennheiser HD6XX isn't the best headphone when it comes to gaming by any means and I would say this is due to a lack of good Imaging.
If you're looking for good gaming headphones I would suggest the AKG 712 Pro or the Audio Technica ATH AD900X/1000X.
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I had the HD650 which the 6xx is based on and I would say they were pretty good for gaming tbh the sound-stage isn't the widest ever but it has some great bass and nice calm treble. I personally use the Fidelio X2 which has more bass and a bigger sound-stage but tbh for casual gaming hd6xx is probs all you will ever need.
Yeah I kept hearing the Fidelios pop-up a lot