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Tube amp/dac recommendations for hd6XX

I tried finding threads specific to this topic, but most were regarding amps in general. I’m brand new to massdrop and was excited to see they had a deal on the hd6xx’s. I’d been eyeing the hd650’s for a few years now, nervous about taking the plunge into the headphone world. Usually I play vinyl through an old pioneer tube amp/floor standing Klipsh speakers. I love the tube sound. some recommendations I found online are the little dot Mk ii/iii, Schiit Valhalla 1/2, and that’s about it. Everything else seemed pretty obscure/less popular. I’m looking for something in the $300 range. Eventually I’d like to get a pair of grrado’s Sr225 Or 325 (Low impedance). I saw on Schiit‘s website they claim the valhalla2 also works well with low impendence head phones too. Not sure why/if that’s a fact. And I read the little dot mkii might sound a little too dark with the hd650. Anyway, I’m pretty new to headphones/electronics/massdrop so a lot of what I’ve found is a little foreign to me. Any idea if there’s gonna be any tube amps dropping any time soon?

Dec 22, 2017
I have a Woo Audio WA3. It is a bit pricey, but if you get lucky (like I did) you might find one used on Ebay for $300 or so. I did roll some different tubes through it. Sounds so good, I've no desire to upgrade up from it. Pairs up really well with the HD6xx and others as well, but not so well with my one planar magnetic HP. The Bottlehead Crack tube amp is much closer to your price range if you don't mind assembling a kit. I don't have one, but it seems to get some very positive reviews. You could start less expensively with something a hybrid Bravo headphone amp for $65 or so. My Bravo served me very well for a couple of years.
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