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Would you be interested in a small tab sized DAP?

The way some of us use DAPS looks like the mobile phone scene from the movie Zoolander. . . big chunky fingers, guided by squinting eyes, searching for tiny buttons. Obviously, a market for small DAPS exists but shouldn't there be a form-factor gap between tiny and huge(home setups)?
Am I the only one who wouldn't mind having a "still portable" 6 to 7 inch screen tab with a decent encoder and amp?. . . Big enough so you can quick browse and spread out all those music app visuals? And wouldn't that extra size allow for an amp hefty enough so we wouldn't need to piggy back external amps?
If ^this sounds good, part two:
Would such a product be a ground-up engineering proposition or could Massdrop contract a company who already builds tabs to oomph up the DAC and amp?
Or am I stuck searching for an unlocked V20. . . the sound is OK. . . but the amp on those phones are still so tinny. . .


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