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Varmilo Problems on Mac

I bought the Varmilo Dragon Phoenix VA104M Mechanical Keyboard and initially it worked great. I'm on a Mac, so I got some mac modifier keys at The only problem with them is that the LED backlights shine brighter through these than the other keys. I may try to attenuate the keys somehow. Any suggestions? Unfortunately I've run into a bigger problem: I used the traditional method of remapping the modifier keys to the mac layout (through the Keyboard panel in the system preferences) and all was fine for about 2 weeks. Then all of a sudden certain keys seemed to remap themselves. I reset the Keyboard mapping in the system preferences and this is what I'm left with (using Windows ID's): Left Control is mapped to Caps Lock Right Control is fine Caps Lock is mapped to both Control keys Both ALT keys are mapped to nothing, unresponsive Both "Window" keys are mapped to the ALT keys I installed Karabiner - Elements and was able to remap the Caps Lock and Control keys to work properly, but both ALT keys are still unresponsive. So now I basically don't have any Option keys. I found several "fixes" online to reset the keyboard, but nothing has worked. Why was it initially working fine and then suddenly changed? HELP!

Aug 6, 2020
Same issue here. I recently ran an OS update on 10.15.6 and now my option key isnt being detected at all. It's very frustrating as i use it for a lot of keyboard command shortcuts inside of a few different apps.
Aug 10, 2020
dcypherthisHe dcypherthis, Did you see my follow up post on 2/20/20? I don't remember exactly what I did, it took some playing around with Karabiner. But as skcele pointed out pressing the Fn + Win keys it toggles the mode of the keyboard where the option key works in one of the configurations, playing with that helped. I also got customized keys switching the Alt and Ctrl keys, which helps descramble my mind when using it.
Feb 20, 2020
I thought I posted this followup, but it's not here anymore so I'll try again: After much futzing around I was able to remap all the keys using Karabiner. One weird thing still is when I press Function and the right "Window" key together the keyboard blinks once and then I run back into the option keys not functioning. Anyone know why?
May 27, 2020
abernardiI have the Varmillo VA87M keyboard, and on that keyboard, Fn + Win is one of the built in shortcuts to remap keys. I recommend looking at the manual for your keyboard to see what it remaps, I bet it has something to do with your option key. Most Varmillo keyboards also come with a "Mac mode" which might not be exactly the mapping you're looking for, but might help if Karabiner ever fails to work. Best of luck!
Jun 11, 2020
skceleThanks! I'll look into that.
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