What audio equipment do you bring to work?

Most of my headphone use is at a workstation/desktop/laptop in a public office setting.
Do you set up your work desktop or laptop with the same equipment you have at home? If you have separate setups, what's the distinction?

Oct 27, 2020
Fortunately I do not spend my worklife chained to a desk. Current work favorite: LG G8X + VE Monk Plus (w/ cable upgrade). Previous work favorite: LG V20 + VE Monk Plus (w/ cable upgrade).
Apr 9, 2018
For office I'm using closed cans so that I don't disturb my co-workers
iMac > Matrix DAC Mini Pro (2014) > Cavalli Liquid Carbon X > MrSpeaker Aeon Flow Closed. Requires some space, but if there's sufficient space, I like how it's setup :)
For home, open cans ftw!
PC > Schiit Bifrost USB > Bottlehead Crack > HD600 Got the HD600 for cheap at a used item store, and that started my spending spree on audio items haha!
Apr 6, 2018
Just starting to get into better sounding equipment, graduating from the usual skullcandy/JBL.sol amps in ear stuff. I am a cheapskate, so currently I am using a pair of Focal Spirit One S (90 bucks) that sound wonderful, and an Audioquest dragonfly black v1.5 for desktop listening. Also I have a pair of KZ ZS6 that have 2BA, and 2DD that sound pretty good, I am able to deal with the treble spike. Prefer the bigger cans at work so that coworkers know why I am not responding .
Mar 20, 2018
Not very noisy office but it's an open plan. I use Oppo PM-3 driven by JDS The Element and music from external drive through JRiver software on a MacBook Pro
Mar 20, 2018
My office is a noisy one so I usually have a pair of IEMs:
Schiit Fulla 2 -> Oppo HA-2-SE -> Campfire Andromedas / Fitear Togo 334 / Sony XBA-Z5 depending on the mood. I don't use the amp directly on the Fulla 2 since there is quite some channel imbalance on it at lower volumes.
Mar 17, 2018
Office setup (Macbook Pro (via usb)/Linux Workstation (via optical) -> Audio GD R2R11 -> (JBL 305s/HD 6XX)
Mar 15, 2018
The RHA MA750s are my go-to whenever I'm not at home. I really love them; comfortable, look great, sound amazing, and are very rugged. At home I use a pair of Sennheiser HD 600s with a Schiit Modi 2 and Magni 2.
Mar 15, 2018
Audio Technica M50x + Fiio Q1 mark 2
Mar 13, 2018
I have my own office, so I use the JBL LSR305s I got here on Massdrop for the office, but my door is always open, and people that I supervise are always dropping by asking this or that questions, so I think it's easier to talk with a little background music than it is to constanly be taking headphones on and off. Plus, I hope it makes me seem a little more approachable as a boss that I, 1)am not trying to block them out with headphones and 2) don't care if they know what kind of music I like.
Mar 13, 2018
I use a Schiit Fulla 2 with a pair of KZ ZS5's, which I can then plug into my LG V30 if I go for a walk or take public transit. The Fulla and the ZS5s provide quite a bit of value (120 total) and portability for the price, and I can stuff them in my desk at the end of the day or throw them in my bag.
This setup also allows me to use Tidal on my Mac or V30 and access the MQA enabled tracks. The Fulla 2 is not MQA enabled, and for good reason, so the Tidal app handles the decoding.
The whole setup is a bit warm, but for me that's a positive. There have been some comments about the Fulla distorting when the volume pot hits over halfway, but I rarely go that high.
The Fulla will even decently power my HD 6XXs in a pinch.
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