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What audio equipment do you bring to work?

Most of my headphone use is at a workstation/desktop/laptop in a public office setting.
Do you set up your work desktop or laptop with the same equipment you have at home? If you have separate setups, what's the distinction?
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For office I'm using closed cans so that I don't disturb my co-workers
iMac > Matrix DAC Mini Pro (2014) > Cavalli Liquid Carbon X > MrSpeaker Aeon Flow Closed. Requires some space, but if there's sufficient space, I like how it's setup :)
For home, open cans ftw!
PC > Schiit Bifrost USB > Bottlehead Crack > HD600 Got the HD600 for cheap at a used item store, and that started my spending spree on audio items haha!
Just starting to get into better sounding equipment, graduating from the usual skullcandy/JBL.sol amps in ear stuff. I am a cheapskate, so currently I am using a pair of Focal Spirit One S (90 bucks) that sound wonderful, and an Audioquest dragonfly black v1.5 for desktop listening. Also I have a pair of KZ ZS6 that have 2BA, and 2DD that sound pretty good, I am able to deal with the treble spike. Prefer the bigger cans at work so that coworkers know why I am not responding .
Not very noisy office but it's an open plan. I use Oppo PM-3 driven by JDS The Element and music from external drive through JRiver software on a MacBook Pro
My office is a noisy one so I usually have a pair of IEMs:
Schiit Fulla 2 -> Oppo HA-2-SE -> Campfire Andromedas / Fitear Togo 334 / Sony XBA-Z5 depending on the mood. I don't use the amp directly on the Fulla 2 since there is quite some channel imbalance on it at lower volumes.
Office setup (Macbook Pro (via usb)/Linux Workstation (via optical) -> Audio GD R2R11 -> (JBL 305s/HD 6XX)
The RHA MA750s are my go-to whenever I'm not at home. I really love them; comfortable, look great, sound amazing, and are very rugged. At home I use a pair of Sennheiser HD 600s with a Schiit Modi 2 and Magni 2.
Audio Technica M50x + Fiio Q1 mark 2
I have my own office, so I use the JBL LSR305s I got here on Massdrop for the office, but my door is always open, and people that I supervise are always dropping by asking this or that questions, so I think it's easier to talk with a little background music than it is to constanly be taking headphones on and off. Plus, I hope it makes me seem a little more approachable as a boss that I, 1)am not trying to block them out with headphones and 2) don't care if they know what kind of music I like.
I use a Schiit Fulla 2 with a pair of KZ ZS5's, which I can then plug into my LG V30 if I go for a walk or take public transit. The Fulla and the ZS5s provide quite a bit of value (120 total) and portability for the price, and I can stuff them in my desk at the end of the day or throw them in my bag.
This setup also allows me to use Tidal on my Mac or V30 and access the MQA enabled tracks. The Fulla 2 is not MQA enabled, and for good reason, so the Tidal app handles the decoding.
The whole setup is a bit warm, but for me that's a positive. There have been some comments about the Fulla distorting when the volume pot hits over halfway, but I rarely go that high.
The Fulla will even decently power my HD 6XXs in a pinch.
Meze 11 Neo and topping NX1S + LG V20. Also there is a Yamaha HPH200 as alternative :)

For work: I use my JH Audio Angie's and an iBasso DX200 with the AMP4 module. I switch out the Angie's every other day with iBasso IT04's.
At home: Audeze LCD2's with the PC off an ICON DAC or the DX200 again.
i leave my jds elements and hd650s at work.
I work in multiple places: Home office, libraries/archives, and on campus.
Home office: Schiit Modi 2/Magni 2 (both Uber) MacBook Pro Sennheiser HD630VB (on the way from Massdrop HD6XX and HD58X)
Library/archives/campus: HD630VB or Grado iGe iPad Air 2
i carry my fiio x5 mk2 and pinnacle px. sometimes i carry nuforce edc. depending whether its a rock day or classical or edm day.
Currently using m50x's with a Schiit Fulla 2 connected to an otherwise unused mac mini. The allow me to drown out the office noise.
When there's people around, KZ ZS5 v1 w/ foam tips for great isolation and 0 leak. When I'm alone, HD6XX for long relaxed listening sessions.
Fun for the whole office...
Work set up...SMSL Sanskrit DAC with SMSL T2 tube amp (waiting for Little Dot MKII) into a Blu-ray player for digital out. Headphones, Sony MDR1A and Beyerdynamics DT770 pro 80. Also have Ath-M40x with angled pads for backups.
Office Setup: AudioGd R2R11 HeadAmp Gilmore Lite MK2 G1217 Project Ember 2 Office Headphones/IEMs: MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed (carry between home and office) FLC 8S (carry between home and office) Hifiman RE600S V2 Hifiman RE400 Fidue A73 Ultimate Ears UE500vi Zolo Liberty+
Other DAC/Amps I commonly bring to/use at work: iFi micro iDSD Black Label FiiO Q5 Chord Mojo Oppo HA2-SE BlueWave GET
My lawd. Let me borrow that Q5!
Office setup: Nakamichi BX-125 Nakamichi TA-1A DragonFly Red for Tidal Audeze EL-8 headphones (carrying back and forth between office and home - Ordered HE-4xx for designated desk headphones in last drop)
Home setup: Nakamichi 700 Schiit Vali 2 (Gold Lion tube) Audeze EL-8

All about the cassettes at home and work. Also have a vinyl setup at home, tried running a vinyl setup at work for awhile but was too much of a hassle. Debating on buying a second Vali 2 for my desk at work, but might take the one from home and try something else for my home setup.
What's your vinyl setup?
Nothing too fancy, a project carbon debut 3 and a rouge Cronus magnum amp running kt120 tubes paired with Tannoy dual concentric floor speakers.
For the office CEntrance BlueDAC, hifi-m8, or mini-m8, or a chord mojo depending on which is charged. Then either a Grado PS-500, JH Audio custom Angies, and a Westone W30. Sometimes I'll bring in Hifiman SuperMini or Onkyo DP-X1A, and/or Hifiman HE-400i, or AQ Nighthawks. The home office setup is a little much to bring in. It's PS Audio Sprout, with Masterclass 2504s, Rel T-zero, and BlueSound Node 2
HP EliteBook > Micca Origen2 > Senn/MD 6XX. Most of my files are recorded from my LP collection at 24/192 on a TASCAM 3000 recorder.
Also use a Mojo at times, but battery life with HiRes files is less than the 8-9 hrs I require. Also have JHA 13v2 iems. But I find the 6XXs extremely listenable. Very happy with the purchase, esp after adding Dekoni sheepskin pads. Previously used Dragonfly 1.2 for many years, and it's good as well, but the Micca takes it to another level, adding 24/192 resolution. Home setup - use Focal Elears out of my Mac 6900 int amp.
DAPs - Sony NWZ-A17 & Pono Player.
I use my CustomArt EI.XX custom in-ear monitors plugged into a Chord Mojo with my phone as a source. I needed something that would not need to be hooked up to a computer since I can't connect anything to my workstation, but I also wanted quality sound.
My basic needs were that they had to be comfortable (standard in-ear have always bothered my ears when wearing them for extended periods of time), and I wanted something that would block ambient sound since it can be fairly noisy in my area. The custom in-ear monitors definitely fit the bill; they don't mess with my hair and aren't bulky (transportation friendly).
It's not for everyone since the cost of entry is quite high compared to what most people want to spend for work audio, but I absolutely love the setup and I couldn't be happier with them. I actually recently purchased a nice cable for use at home since sometimes I like hot having to wear a pair of full size headphones...
I bring my Lker i8 IEMs (my proudest cheap find so far), and my Sennheiser HD429s. The Senns are so light that I can wear them all day and don't isolate a lot of noise, so I can still hear a bit of what's happening around me.
Try the Tin Audio T2, great chi-fi IEMs under $50, even better than the i8. For other cheap IEMs I suggest you check out audiobudget.com, Igor has reviewed both i8 and T2 so you can check the differences and decide for yourself.
Yeah! Audiobudget is so great, what a guy
I usually bring an Astell & Kern KANN with me and take either my Campfire Audio Jupiter or Beyerdynamic T5P depending my mood that day.
Home : Workstation PC or MacBook Pro (Docked) / WooAudio WA7(G2) + PSU / Beyerdynamic T1, Philips X2, or HifiMan HE-4XX Work : Mac Pro / Monoprice Tube Amp/Dac / Audeze Sine or B&O BeoPlay H6
My Work setup is currently: Oppo HA-2, and one of the following (depending on how I feel); Oppo PM-3, Sennheiser HD600, Sennheiser HD6xx, Master and Dynamic MH-40.
I’m currently waiting on the LCX/SDac to arrive to replace the HA-2.
MacBook Pro --> Bravo Audio V3 --> ATH-M50x (w/ Brainwavz earpads) --> Vox music player
Just finally upgraded my Bravo's tube, too -- from the stock EH6922 to a Genalex Gold Lion -- after enjoying it for nearly 5 years...
Very, very strange timing, though: immediately after placing my order for the new tube, I noticed a "pulsing" sort of interference-type sound in the right channel. If I move my hand around the amp/tube, it goes in & out... And I've heard it do this before, but then it went away. I have no idea what this is or why it suddenly started happening, but sadly the problem did not go away after installing the new tube.
Music still sounds fine, except during quieter parts when I can still hear the pulsing... Any ideas, folks?!
EDIT: And I've determined that it's definitely the amp. No issues when I plug into the pass-thru channel.
EDIT 2: AAAAAAND I just flipped on the amp and plugged in my headphones... AND THE PULSING SOUND IS GONE AGAIN... WTF IS HAPPENING TO MY LITTLE BRAVO?! (Sorry for shouting...)
I like to swap my headphones while I am at the office. That way, I get to try different sounds and my head and ears do not get tired so easily. This is the equipment I keep at the office: Sony MDR EX-1000, Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro, JVC/Victor HA-FX700, Etymotic ER4P Beyerdynamic T5p Tesla, Shure SE425-V, iFi Micro iDSD.
At home, I have more space and I prefer to keep my large amps and headphones there: Little Dot MK VI, Schiit Lyr, Sennheiser Momentum, Sennheiser HD 650, audio-technica ATH-A900 audio-technica ATH-M50x.
My work setup is very different than the one in my home, essentially because that way I can try different things, instead of buying the same amp twice I can try two different amps. Another difference is that at home I have a hybrid setup with speakers and headphones while at work it's only headphones. My work setup started small with a Fulla, then I replaced it with a Jotunheim, after some time I replaced it with an Audio-GD R2R 11, those two are very similar but the Jotunheim has better amp and the R2R 11 has better DAC, then after sometime I had both at the same time using the R2R 11 as a DAC and the Jotunheim as amp, and the last upgrade was to replace the Jotunheim with a Woo Audio WA6-SE. So right now it takes like 1/5 of my desk and it's better than my home setup where I have a Bifrost with the Jotunheim. At the end I have decided to have my best headphone setup at work because there is where I spend more time listening with headphones. BTW the WA6-SE is huge, and a lot of people ask about it and try to touch the tubes.
I absolutely love that you have a WA6-SE on your desk. I need more coworkers like you. I've gone from X3ii/E12a + MDR 7550 to a dragonfly 1.2>O2>IE800 to just using my MDR 1000x via bluetooth. The vast majority of critical listening is done at home these days, I just use them at work for reprieve from the office chatter. Most of my days are spent in meetings or on conference calls so headphone time is limited.
Edit: Use my V20 if I decide to run something wired while at work these days.