Apr 23, 2018107 views

Best Set of Gaming Cans

Hi. Im currently using a set of Cloud Alphas and they have been very decent.
I was thinking about stepping my game up a little to help me more with precise directional sound in games like PUBG.

Would the Senheisser GSP500 or 600 be a good upgrade? Or would getting dedicated headdies like the AKG K7xx be better?

Have an Asus STX card to power it

Check out Sennheiser G4me Ones if you want to stick with a headset, otherwise anything mentioned above is solid.
You could expand the G4me Ones in the future with a GSX1000, that is my gaming setup and I use AKG 712s for music, and adding HD6xx's to the lineup whenever they arrive.
Pubg doesn’t have very good sound quality so it won’t make a massive difference For that particular game. I have an asus Stx and a k702, but i’d Recommend the HiFiman 4XX over the k702. Don’t have experince with the gsp 600, but for gaming I like the HiFiman 4XX more than the Sennheiser 6XX. Currently using DT 1990 Pro for gaming but they are much more expensive.