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What amp/dac should I get for HD 6xx? Budget $200 give or take.

Hey guys, I am going to get the HD 6xx and I am wondering what dac/amp I should get for about $200. I’m a new audiophile so I don’t even know what I need. Do I even need a dac? Does it make that much of a difference for the price? If I don’t need a dac then my budget for the amp is 150 give or take. Thanks in advance!

Apr 26, 2018
The Objective 2 Amp and the ODAC (Objective DAC) Massdrop has an affordable version -.notice it's two units. The guy who invented/developed the O2 and ODAC was allegedly kind of a remarkable fellow who decided not to enter his invention into the traditional streams of commerce, rather than paentning the design, made it available to anyone who wanted to produce them, via Creative Commons, so long as the product they produced did not deviate in any substantial way from his design. The units are produced now by at least 3 different companies and is very highly regarded equipment almost universally. I own it as a single DAC/AMP unit made by Mayflower Electronics (Objective2 and ODAC; Rev. B) which has a regular price of $229 - sort of within your range - h optional RCA connectors on the back, which allows me to listen to music through powered speakers as well as through headphones., and I consider it to be the irreducible sine qua non of my desktop setup. I would sell off everything else before my O2/ODAC. I haven't heard it but I would be shocked if the Massdrop version was not identical in every way to mine other than that it is in two-unit form from Massdrop and my particular unit is not.
Apr 25, 2018
JDS The Element. I just got one for my 650's and the entire package sounds great! I had found lots of threads recommending it across the web.
Apr 24, 2018
SDAC>O2/Magni 3. If you can afford it, throw in an Ifi iUSB3.0 nano. It will be worth it
Apr 23, 2018
Modi 2/Magni 3 Schiit Stack is worth a look. Perhaps the best value gear on the market.
Apr 23, 2018
How are you sending a signal to an amp? Is it coming from a computer/cell phone/music player? Some have an ok dac built into them, it's rarely good but if it has one, then you won't notice a lot going up to a separate dac in your price range. Also, what kind of source do you have? lossless or mp3? or is this for something else like games, vinyls, or movies?
The HD 6XX is going to like some power since it has an impedance of 300 ohms. A good amp in that price range is the Schiit Magni 3 amp ( $100), and in most cases it can be paired with a Modi 2 DAC. ($100.). They make a very common $200 recommendation.
If you want to spend less, then most of the improvement can be noticed from the Magni 3 since it has a lot of power and the 6XX's like a lot of power.
Maximum Power, 300 ohms: 430mW RMS per channel
The cheapest thing I know to max out an HD 6XX is going to be a Jotunheim with the balanced dac and a 4pin xlr cable. But that's outside your price range, at about $575. Might be a good long term goal.
Apr 23, 2018
ValVadimOkay thanks. By the way, my output is my pc and I am listening to mp3 and games. I will make sure to take a look at your recommendations.
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