Yamaha NX-E150+Grace M9xx+subwoofer=???

In 2001, Yamaha released a CD player + receiver in a small hi -fi unit named the CRX-E150 from the "Pianocraft" series and came with a pair of loudspeaker named NX-E150. Those speaker are inexpensive on the net (around 75$USD for a pair). It's a 2 way bookshelf passive speakers, rear ported, 6 ohm impedance, and in use with Grace Design M9xxx DAC/headphone amp (using the line out) + a good subwoofer + good speaker cable + good amplifier = to my ears, incredible detailed sound (I mean it could sound better than some expensive studio monitor). Could it be a reminescence of the Yamaha´s famous NS-10 monitor (that made his beginning as an average budget hi-fi consumer loudspeaker before being adopted by renowned sound engineer like Bruce Swedien and 80% of world's studio for a long period of time....)? Let´s be honest: the NX-E150 are not the smoothest nor the flattest speaker in the world...But I hear sound that I wasn't able to hear with cans or with some good active monitor! HERE'S THE CATCH! I'm hard of hearing since my birth, especially in the high frequency...And I always love audio stuff! But what I consider as very detailed sound for me, could sound very different for someone who have normal hearing! So here's my question: Could someone would be kind enough (or crazy! lol!) to buy those little bookshelf speaker Yamaha NX-E150 on the net (a subwoofer is strongly recommanded to let them breathe... )and use the Grace Design M9xx as DAC, good speaker cable and good amplifier, and compare it with more expensive active studio monitor and/or the venerable Yamaha NS-10? I could see if i'm crazy or right... Or just hard of hearing! Thx for reading my post!


Aug 18, 2016
I too, am intrigued
Aug 18, 2016
Great! I'm very intrigued to see a review from a "normal hearing" audiophile P.O.V.!
Aug 18, 2016
I'm absolutely looking into this.