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Whats the best Headphones I can get for around 2-300 gbp?

Hello I am currently using hyper cloud x2 headset which have decided to die on me this week. I want something that sounds much better as I wasn't entirely impressed with the sound quality of these. They where very comfortable which is great though and I really liked the removable mic feature. I use them mostly for gaming, secondary is music and movies. I would like closed back preferably and features that would be nice is removable wires as they tend to be the thing that breaks. I'm not too sure on the quality of wireless now a days but if tech has caught up to wires and the latency is great then wireless would be nice. I can live if they don't include a mic but it would be a nice bonus. things I've looked at Audeze Mobius, DROP + THX PANDA , DT 770 PRO, Audio-Technica ATH-M50XBT, Sony WH-1000XM3, HyperX Cloud Alpha S, CORSAIR Void PRO. Budget is 200-300 gbp but if theres something really good I could go a little higher. Music I listen to ,frank ocean, psy trance, hiphop, beach house. I play a lot of fps and use them for several hours a day so they need to be comfy! Advice needed thanks!
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Jul 15, 2020
i play csgo & warzone with DT 770 PRO 80 ohm (and fiio dac/amp) and i really like it. they are super comfy for long listening periods, they are really durable (cable is not removeable) i didnt get to try anything else on the list yet i heard some talk around  Audeze Mobius. but.. looking at its amazon score (in US store) it looks pretty bad so i dont know :( i can tell you one thing, wireless headphones will usually have worse sound quality then regular headphones at the same price (and even half the price some times), its mainly because the digital to analog convertion happends on the headphones (a battery "saver" and small space environment) i use a dedicated mic on the desk that costs 20$~. i thought it would be a hassle but its actually nicer this way and i feel more free while moving my head. if you can consider open headsets as-well you can lean toward the dt 990 pro or 6xx 58x. yet even when its super quiet i like having the passive isolation making things totally quiet so i can focus on footsteps for that reason if you play really competative games i'd go with dt 770 pro. i'd like to mention that they are somewhat a monitoring headphones "analytical" with bass emphasised, so you will hear music in good quality but they wont be as "fun" as some other headsets can get (some headphones really complement every track and are "forgiving") i still like the dt 770 pro 80 ohm and i'd buy them again if i had to for the same reasons you look for.
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