Can the Drop + THX AAA 789, the Drop + THX AAA One linear and the SMSL SP200 be used without a DAC?

I am asking because I want to get one of these Amps now and a Dac later or maybe not get one at all because my input is going to be my macbook pro. I am also asking because i have a budget of 300 usd and even if i get the One linear and a MASSDROP X GRACE DESIGN STANDARD DAC I will be over budget.
thumb_upTheNeilo and Simon Shurville

Feb 25, 2021
Ibrum you seriously do not need a DAC with the Thx AAA Amp as it’s ultra Clean sounding to start with and mine sounds superb without being attached to any DAC. your choice of course and I’m sure others will say otherwise yet spending more on a DAC to add to the AAA789 I think is just wasted money. ideal situation is to borrow a DAC and see if you think it makes a difference you notice before pulling out the $$$$ ive tried mine with and without a DAC and can’t hear any difference with any of my headphones.