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Bass on a Budget

I'm looking for super bassy headphones because I only really listen to hip hop. If you guys have any recommendations for headphones under 80 bucks I'd love to hear'em.

I think at this price earphones would offer better quality. You may want to look into those instead
For $20ish, there is the Koss KPH30i that drops on here sometimes... very nice low end on it with smooth mids/highs like an HD6XX.
I bought from SONY website for 50AUD when they had discount. It can make every song hip hop. Crazy amount of bass if you increase bass or eq.
I used to have a pair of HD380 pros that had pretty incredible lows. They aren't naturally bassy though, so they had to be run with a ton of eq to achieve it. I had pretty incredible results running them through a little portable fiio dac with the built in bass boost. You could get that full, visceral bass but the highs and mids remained fairly undamaged.
Vince Staples in particular was excellent with this setup.
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equalizer. Like on spotify when you select bass boost. That is an equalizer setting.
oooooo cool, thanks
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