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What is music to you?

I just wrote a little blurb to show my appreciation for music. I think this is a topic so obvious but often forgotten. Please do share what music is to you. Here or on facebook.
No need to go deel if you are uncomfortable

Jun 8, 2018
Music and books are my favorite forms of entertainment, and they both nourish different parts of me.
Books are great for imagination; if done correctly they can get you attached to characters and worlds you will (likely) never see. You can love, laugh, and lose - sometimes all in the same book.
Music, on the other hand, is pure emotion. It can invigorate, its beauty can bring tears to your eyes. It can give you energy, frustrate you, provide atmosphere (spooky, or romantic, or pretty much anything else). I love the character that you can get on the sounds, depending on how it was recorded and what media you are listening to it through; for the things that I truly love, I also purchase the vinyl to give it a bit more character (plus the speaker setup I have there is far different from my standard headphones - though technically vinyl isn't a requirement for using those speakers).
Music is the absolute last form of media/entertainment I could give up. Would give up TV, books, movies and games but you can pry music from my cold dead hands (assuming live music is still in). I have music for just about every activity and emotional state. I have more audio equipment than anyone needs and a large reason for that is I feel the desire to be able to listen to music in almost every situation possible.
Jun 7, 2018
Honestly, music for me is my respite and I agree with what you say about it being healing. I have serious (diagnosed) anxiety and depression and most of the time between medication, meditation, therapy, and coping strategies, I keep them in line okay. But once in a while they become overwhelming, or I just need a break from the constant effort that it takes for me to just exist, moment to moment.
At those times, I go and lie in bed, put on my headphones, queue up a good playlist, close my eyes, and just disappear into music. For a little while, everything just melts away. Nothing else in life is quite the same. And when I'm done, or when I wake up the next morning (because I often do this just before going to bed), I feel recharged and ready to wake back into life.
It saves me.
Jun 7, 2018
irfonI had panic attacks before and its not a fun experience. And you are right, when I am depressed or have other thoughts, music does save me there over and over again. Thanks for sharing
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