What happened to all the other items Drop used to sell?

Hello Everyone, I myself specifically created a Drop account to order some of the really cool items that Drop used to have for sale. Where are the Watches, Titanium Pens, and other fantastic tech items? While I love headphones, I can say that I have enough headphones now (thank you Drop). Are we going to be seeing other items again at all, or ever? I hope things change and go back to a variety of items to choose from. Otherwise, unfortunately I am reassessing if I should continue to have an account at all at this point. I used to get excited to see all of the new items that were provided to purchase. Where have they gone? I feel like now Drop has become just one more email I have to delete on a daily basis. Not that there is anything wrong with headphones or DAC amps. Does anyone have more information on this topic? Thanks for your thoughts.

Jun 25, 2021
Hey man, I just copy-paste this answer to everyone asking the same question. Sorry to say but Drop just decided it's all about headphones and keyboards. Bye to all the really well-designed EDC, knife, watch, and other collabs that are sold out; I'm guessing no new products too. Whatever is on Drop's Amazon is all we'll ever get now. A Drop moderator said: Currently, only Drops existing inventory is available. As we approach Q2-Q3 we will be receiving and re-stocking a number of popular Drop Outdoor and EDC products on Amazon. Long-term, our goal is to keep consistent and stock of these products. That said, they have run out of some products on Amazon so I dunno man
Jun 21, 2021
Been wondering this myself. All I get notifications for is keyboard caps. Where are the menswear and watch communities??