Jul 9, 2018536 views

HD58X DAC/AMP for desktop use w. powered monitors

What would be a strong value option?
The current NuForce drop enough?
Music source is spotify premium on my macbook pro, I switch between the 58X and my powered/built-in-amp monitors, so I just want a solution that will allow for easy switching between the two and give the 58X enough juice.
Is it overkill to go with the current $300 cavalli drop? Would that work with powered monitors?

I own the emotiva stealth dc-1, it was $500 brand new. It fits perfectly into my 2.1 stero system and has two twin amps to drive two headphones at once with plenty of power. The dac sounds amazing to me as well, very clear and clean presentation. It has many inputs and balanced outputs as far as the powered monitors go but unfortunately the headphone outputs are both unbalanced 3.5mm, which still works for me anyways. I believe the headphone amp puts out 180mW into 300 ohms. I own the jubilee headphones and they sound great on this set-up, at -15dB they are starting to get uncomfortably loud. Emotiva is about to release the DC-2 in the near future as well
thanks for the feedback! Is it really necessary to drop $500 given the price of the 58X? Isn't that a bit overkill? Or do i not understand this right