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What headphones to buy?!?!?!?!?

I just discovered this site and its like crack.. I want everything.. But I am starting with some nice headphones...
Do I go for the 99 dollar HIFimans?
Spend the extra and go with the AKGs?

OR do I save up more (go offsite) and get some magnetic Planars?
Like the Hifiman HE-400i?

Maybe something else?

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Dec 18, 2016
Take a trip to your nearest hifi shop and audition a few options, it'll give you a good start to finding something you like.
Dec 14, 2016
massdrop th-x00 are good if you can afford them. I have many expensive headphones and they are by far my favorite
Nov 30, 2016
IT is like crack. Just wait till you actually buy something, that will lead to next something, ad nauseum..
Anyway, what you buy depends upon what you listen to and what you listen on. If you have a good DAC and Amp, you would (and should) buy differently than if you listen on a smartsphone. Also some headphones play better to classical and some are better for head bangers, it all part of the evaluation, selection process, and part of the fun...
I would say that budget is part of the equation. But for me, I seem to get the heebie-jeebies for a new headphone every couple of months, so I'm hooked bad.
Nov 30, 2016
welcome!! It all really depends on the sound you're looking for. I started out with the 400i and loved them but was looking for more low end response so I sold those and bought the fostex t20rp mkiii's. but those are on Amazon not massdrop! if anything I would say wait for the sennheiser 6xx to drop again! There are a ton of votes for it to be redropped so I would Highly highly recommend those for a very neutral sound. I'll probably pick up a pair when they drop again!
Nov 30, 2016
PaulfreakingjiI grew up under the vice-like grip and 20lb weight of my Dad's Koss Pro/4AA. OK it felt like 20lbs. Had some old AKG 240s. I think I've purchased (and returned) more headphones this last year, than my 45+ year existence .. I have to admit to a love of Def Leppard and have been listening to Baby Metal.. So some metal does jump in there.. Nothing like a little GWAR to rev up your day.
My trusty Little Dot 1+ and every sub 100.00 over/on/in ear headphones.. Still haven't found good sound. That is the whole reason to upgrade. Also have a little FIIO 10k that is surprisingly nice.
Thank you to everyone who is helping me out!
Dec 8, 2016
sacolbertHave you modified your amp at all? I have the same one and have planned upgrades that supposedly make it better, I do feel that it can feel pretty lifeless sometimes. Also, picking up a DAC will help a lot.
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