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Wireless Subwoofer kits: yay or nay?

I’d put off getting a sub for years - I have some full range towers and told myself I’d get around to it eventually. Well, I finally picked one up to round the low end of our home theatre, and it’s lovely, but I wish it was on the opposite side of the room. Are the wireless sub adapters any good? Any gotchas I should conside? any models in particular to get or avoid?
Many thanks!

Aug 13, 2018
I have used Paradigm’s PT-1 proprietary wireless sub transmitter ($99) with a Monitor Sub 10, but it’s connection was poor. Latency can be an issue too. I really love the sub, but there is no question that hard wiring is the way to go unless you absolutely need certain placement that prohibits wires. I did also try the Rocketfish, which just didn’t work at all.
Aug 16, 2018
What receiver are you using? Your unused channels could be used for presence speakers and can add a bit of height to your current setup.
I personally run a long coax cable between my subs and receiver and have never had any issues. I have a soundbad and wireless sub for my office and that unit works well without any lag or latency issues. But, that could be due to that soundbar system compared to a typical AVR wireless/bluetooth sub.
Aug 16, 2018
jaydunndidditA pioneer VSX-1124. The wiring diagrams clearly show 9.2 speakers connected but with the caveat that only 7 channels produce sound simultaneously. Was a bit of an impulse buy, I’ll do my research next time...
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