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Wired Headphones for Movies

My entertainment What qualities, measurements, characteristics do I needed to look for in wired headphones that will be best for immersion, scale, and 3d/surround sound impact listening specifically for movies? I watch movies exclusively through my desktop pc. The audio setup I run with my pc is no eq software but a Drop O2/Grace Dac inline with a Drop THX AAA 789 with one headphone the Drop Sennheiser 6xx. The 6xx are great for my music and browsing internet content but for watching movies I want more depth, scale and immersion. I understand the basics of headphones,amps, and dacs so I have maybe a theory with that knowledge what would be better headphone for movies for me but not sure. I believe I am looking for headphone with wide and good sound stage but retaining detail and texture. Two headphones that I am considering that may be what I am after are Hifiman 5xx(wide sound stage) or Hifiman 6xx(not generally the widest sound stage for planar but wider than a 6xx but Sundara very much is planar version of 6xx just with planar soundstage at not as resolving or intimate vocals ) Thoughts?


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