AKKO 3098N Hotswappable Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard

AKKO 3098N Hotswappable Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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As far as mechanical keyboards go, the 3098N is about as stealthy and precise as they come. Designed in a mostly black-and-gray color scheme with just a few pops of gold, the look is understated with a touch of pizzazz Read More

Would love this same board in a 65% setup! It’s got some really, really nice features.
Jan 9, 2022
Can the board accommodate an ISO layout?
Jan 8, 2022
Anyone have firsthand experience on wireless/bluetooth battery life?
Anyone had hands-on experience with this board? How does the RGB lighting compare to the Keychron K4? BTW AKKO keycaps are fantastic value. Good quality, nicely-sculpted, and comprehensive kits to fit any layout. I'd buy this board in an instant if I didn't already own a K4 and Kira.
Jan 6, 2022
Good hotswap keyboard supplying both key-set and four switches. Just choose the one you fancy (switch-wise).
Jan 5, 2022
Am I reading it wrong that the switches are the same, just different colors? The Jelly Blue and Sponge seem to be the same tactile, and the Jelly Pink and Starfish seem to be the same linear.
The graphs are offset vertically, look at the reset point, below 40 gf for the pink switch and above 40 gf for the starfish.
Jan 6, 2022
The tactile switches are the same. The linears are different, as @Marco_A2_Oliveira says.
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