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Azio FOQO Pro Wireless Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

Azio FOQO Pro Wireless Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
The Azio FOQO Pro Wireless Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard is a well-rounded, well-outfitted rig to set your ultimate productivity space up for success. On a stage set by a vintage-camera-inspired case, the star of this functioning keyboard show is the multi-functionality control knob in the top right Read More

Sep 26, 2023
I have to admit that the only reason I clicked on the link in the promotional email from Drop was to see a 4-letter-named product called FOQO.
This keyboard needs a tall keycap(SA, MT3) set to look more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. : ^ )
Sep 27, 2023
Rogue77I partially agree with this, but beware. The height on the switches is a little tall (see pic 4) and this makes it kinda look like a low profile board, in a way.
Aug 16, 2023
As an overly opinionated Leica user and former dealer, I can kind of see the Leica inspiration in this shit-show of a keyboard. But it, like all of Azio's KBs, is a little off and a little tacky. The thing that gets me the most is why they didn't make that gigaknob look more like the shutter speed dial on the cameras if this was the original intention. It would have been such a less intrusive and more elegant design (and probably cheaper to manufacture) choice. Their promo video points out the superfluous little knob on the left as being inspired by the film crank knob, after all. Why not make BOTH knobs more like Leica knobs? Honestly, I think the whole Leica inspiration thing was an afterthought that someone had, and not the original idea when designing this KB. I do like some elements of this KB, I hope at some point they make a "v2" or "P" edition of this thing (like they did with their hideous Retro line) where the design is more refined, and they do away with or at least make the lettering on this thing much MUCH smaller. I love the Leatherette they put on the base, tho! Also seems like a missed opportunity to really cram the whole Leica thing in your face by pairing this with MK's Film Never Dies keycap set! Lol
They could style that humongo knob like a monacle and sell a "Jeeves Edition"
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