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Engineered for sonic versatility and full-frequency articulation, the CKX IEM from CCA doesn’t skimp on drivers. Inside each earphone, three 30095 balanced armatures handle high frequencies, three 30017 balanced armatures cover mid-highs and mids, and one 10-millimeter coaxial-composite dynamic driver takes care of mid-lows and bass frequencies Read More

Jan 12, 2021
I'm never going to spend money without one or two reviews. Can manufacturers please send 3-5 units out to trusted reviewers? They would easily recoup the cost even if those units weren't to be returned, on people actually going ahead with trying a purchase. Is there no obvious pattern of hesitant buyers with these items going on sale with zero community assessment? That aside, these look like they're going for an NF Audio NM2+ vibe, and I like it, but doubt they hit anywhere close. If they have, great price.
Jan 12, 2021
yablokosmonautI have exactly one CCA and I'm a big fan of its sound. That would be the CA16. I hate its shell. It's too big and it hurts to wear it for more than a couple CDs worth of music. If I could get that sound in this shell the CKX is offering, it would be worth it to me to buy it.
Jan 13, 2021
yablokosmonautI too have a pair of CCA's, the C10. I use these as IEMs for my band (I play drums) and they are really nice. Like @InvisibleInk said, they are a little bulky and can get a little uncomfortable, but I threw some Comply foam tips on and they just work. They aren't overly heavy on bass, but with the foam tips properly sealed, it comes through nicely. These are great, more moderately priced options if you don't want to get into the $350-$850 range and there really isn't any diminished return to note, at least in my case. Edited to add: I did replace the cable straight out of the box with a no-name 8 core and have had good results.
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