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Mee Audio Pinnacle P1

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It’s called “Pinnacle” for a reason: The result of two years of development, this is Mee Audio’s flagship IEM, celebrated for its exceptionally clear, engaging sound and built-to-last construction. The housings are made of impact-resistant zinc alloy with a stainless steel nozzle, and their nicely rounded shape promises comfortable listening, hour after hour Read More

Jun 30, 2021
Great deal imo. Bought this pair at $200 couple years ago and still not regretting the purchase. Just a little reminder that the P1 needs a proper amp to drive them and the bass can be lacking for people who loves bass a lot.
May 11, 2021
So, I am really tempted by these. I have had mee audio stuff before, and I will say that it has been underwhelming. How do these compare to cheaper iems? Like blons blo3? Starfields? Tin Hifi t5? I mean they are the same price at this point? I haven't found enough reviews that agree with each other. Some say they were worth the price at $200? But the market is different now, are they worth it at $105? And if so, what can they compare to?
May 14, 2021
They are definitely worth a $105 price tag if you switch out the tips (spiral dots are good) and give them enough power, especially balanced. They're more coherent than Blons, and have a lot better fit. They are probably my favorite single driver, although I don't use them now as much as some of my newer gear. Think I'll have to dig them out now.
Apr 14, 2021
The P1's are a stupid value for $105! It will be a long time before I get the itch to replace mine. Buy them now while this deal lasts!
Apr 9, 2021
Could not stand temptation and ordered it - PX sounds so good, really want an original one!
Apr 8, 2021
Apr 9, 2021
Could not stand temptation and ordered it - PX sounds so good, really want an original one!
Apr 14, 2021
We think you should hit the Caps Lock key.
Apr 7, 2021
Would owners of this pair recommend P1 over similarly priced IEM's like Starfield, Tin T4, Thieaudio L3 etc. ? IEM market is very crowded right now (for good or worse) and I'm going back and forth between the new models and their older, but (with the price dropped in time) similarly priced counterparts. It's like comparing the flagship smartphone of last year with this years midranger but sometimes it makes sense to get the model from the last year.
Apr 7, 2021
I have two pairs from Drop (PX) and still tempted to get P1 - I find sound just excellent for classics and jazz. They definitely sound better than some 1 grand stuff. Only thing to remember - they require good amplification, however even Shanling M0 take them very well in HG mode.
Mar 17, 2021
have them for few years, highly recommend them for the asking price
Mar 20, 2021
Would you recommend them without the asking price?
Mar 15, 2021
is it with cable
Aug 4, 2020
Tin hifi P1 vs Mee Audio P1 which is better ?
Jun 30, 2020
These were one of my first forays into 'audiophile' earphones and to this day i still use them as go-to iems. In fact last month I misplaced them and seriously considered buying a new set, despite all the the incredible new options that have emerged since their release. They are such great all-rounders and provide the best comfort and seal of essentially all earphones I've owned--i regularly sleep in them. They have Very clean, nimble bass. Smooth mids. And an incredibly lively high end. They are weirdly difficult to drive however. I can achieve higher volume from most of my full size over-ear headphones when using my phone, or plugging them in to my PS4 controller--which is essentially a BT dac/amp. Anyway, i thought i'd leave my thoughts here as I'm unable to leave a proper review on drop.
Jul 3, 2020
I haven't had a problem driving them with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Exynos) but I get that all phones are not the same. One of the big hits for me is the form factor. That small zinc housing is amazing for subtle fitment. I do feel your dilemma, if I misplaced mine I'd have to think hard about something else to replacement given all the positive points these IEMs have (except the cables, I'm sorry I tried). At this price point that makes the decision either easier or harder.
Mar 15, 2021
Nice write up on thoughts. I feel the same way. Super smooth listening experience that makes it easy to grab them for everyday use. I bought mine years ago via drop when they had the painted coating which often flaked off. I’m happy to say that I have not had any issues with mine but always put them back in the leatherette case that came with them. only downside is that they are power hungry. I bought them to be my portable companion to my fiio x7 mk ii DAP but I really have to crank them on high gain to get the most out of them. Not sure how folks are driving these on phones rofl.
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I’d make exactly the same response to your review as I did to SniperDave - you almost certainly don’t have the right eartips and they aren’t fitting into the ear canal correctly. Canalphones aren’t like regular earphones, they need a solid fit to seal the ear canal, otherwise there will be relatively little bass. Most people use Comply foam eartips, but I always use triple-flange eartips, which MeeAudio supply, but also it helps if the eartips are moistened before inserting them, along with pulling the outer edge of the ear outwards with the other hand, this opens up the ear canal allowing the eartip to slide in and giving a better seal. Something else which helps is getting a different cable - I recently bought one from Penon Audio, which is a braided cable using a very soft outer, with a Lightning connector, a USB-C version is also available. This has made a significant difference to the sound quality, it’s more open and detailed, and bass seems to be tighter, and deeper at times; this is entirely dependent on the quality of the original recording. Most of my listening is to downloads from Apple Music at 256Kb, but I have a significant amount ripped at 320Kb from CD, and I honestly cannot tell the difference using the P1’s, especially with the new cables. I’ve spent a lot of time since I got the cables listening to a range of music, I finally went to bed at 2.30am yesterday! Here’s a link to the cable, for anyone interested, and it’s not expensive, either, which makes it even better. In fact, I’m getting a second cable for my other pair of P1’s, which were an original Drop offer with a dark blue finish. The fact that I was impressed enough with my original pair of Pinnacle P1’s from MeeAudio to buy a second pair from Drop should be enough confirmation that I’m really very impressed with them, and I have Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10’s, which were around £250-300 to compare them with, they compare very favourably. All I want now are some custom-fit eartips, but they cost more than the ‘phones, so they’ll have to wait a bit!
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