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Mee Audio Pinnacle P1

Mee Audio Pinnacle P1

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Product Description
It’s called “Pinnacle” for a reason: The result of two years of development, this is Mee Audio’s flagship IEM, celebrated for its exceptionally clear, engaging sound and built-to-last construction. The housings are made of impact-resistant zinc alloy with a stainless steel nozzle, and their nicely rounded shape promises comfortable listening, hour after hour Read More

Sep 9, 2023
@Evshrug Hey there! Hope you’re doing well! Quick question for you. I was actually going to purchase the upgraded silver cable off of MEE’s website and ironically came across this sale and figure that for a P1, AND the boatload of accessories, PLUS the silver cable is totally worth paying double! (The cable is $49 on MEE’s website.) So, how soon do you realistically think this will go out if I pull the trigger? I really didn’t want to wait five or six weeks, but this is a GREAT deal. Please LMK. Thanks!
Sep 12, 2023
SuperFlyEDSguy@Evshrug Any idea man? I’d love to get them, but didn’t want to wait too long. Please LMK, thanks!
SuperFlyEDSguyHey, sorry SuperFly, I used to work on Drop for a short time, but since they didn’t keep me on since the beginning of June, I don’t check here as much. If Drop says shipping starts in five or six weeks, that’s when they expect to get them at the distribution warehouse. As far as a silver cable goes… at this price, it’s most likely a copper core, plated with a silver skin. Reading reviews, there is a “skin effect” with signal cables, but I personally found the effect to be subtle unless you’ve practiced, compared, and raised your sensitivity to minute changes. For many people, a cable like this would be an aesthetic choice. Thickness/number of strand cores makes a difference too, as does insulation. I have two cables near this price that I enjoy aesthetically, and I was able to hear less resistance and more ease in the sound of a silver-copper hybrid cable with my HD 650/660S2, and that cable wasn’t particularly expensive either. Please also note that an audible change isn’t always positive… a friend gave me one of his hybrid upgrade cables because it didn’t synergies with his IEM at the time, the sound seemed harsher and more strident to him. However, for me, the biggest clarity and reveal was with a well-insulated pure silver cable, which naturally I chose to purchase for my most expensive headphone. I would not say it changed the amplitude of frequencies much (though the sub bass was more easy to discern, it didn’t change to a bass-heavy headphone), and I would stick with that earlier description of less resistance, greater ease.
Sep 7, 2023
from the picture, looks like come with a 4.4mm balanced cable?
Jun 30, 2021
Great deal imo. Bought this pair at $200 couple years ago and still not regretting the purchase. Just a little reminder that the P1 needs a proper amp to drive them and the bass can be lacking for people who loves bass a lot.
Sep 9, 2023
VitaJohnnyI purchased the PX, but also have MEE’s Planamic, M6 Pro, and M6 Sport. All of them are EXCELLENT with the exception of the Sport which is just “above average!” That’s understandable considering the Sport is going for toughness. The PX and Planamic are actually two of my favorites that I use all the time! I actually wanted the upgraded silver cable, but to get all this for double the price is a steal!
May 11, 2021
So, I am really tempted by these. I have had mee audio stuff before, and I will say that it has been underwhelming. How do these compare to cheaper iems? Like blons blo3? Starfields? Tin Hifi t5? I mean they are the same price at this point? I haven't found enough reviews that agree with each other. Some say they were worth the price at $200? But the market is different now, are they worth it at $105? And if so, what can they compare to?
May 14, 2021
JustSayingThey are definitely worth a $105 price tag if you switch out the tips (spiral dots are good) and give them enough power, especially balanced. They're more coherent than Blons, and have a lot better fit. They are probably my favorite single driver, although I don't use them now as much as some of my newer gear. Think I'll have to dig them out now.
Apr 14, 2021
The P1's are a stupid value for $105! It will be a long time before I get the itch to replace mine. Buy them now while this deal lasts!
A community member
Apr 9, 2021
Could not stand temptation and ordered it - PX sounds so good, really want an original one!
Apr 8, 2021
A community member
Apr 9, 2021
jannfhkaCould not stand temptation and ordered it - PX sounds so good, really want an original one!
Apr 14, 2021
jannfhka We think you should hit the Caps Lock key.
Apr 7, 2021
Would owners of this pair recommend P1 over similarly priced IEM's like Starfield, Tin T4, Thieaudio L3 etc. ? IEM market is very crowded right now (for good or worse) and I'm going back and forth between the new models and their older, but (with the price dropped in time) similarly priced counterparts. It's like comparing the flagship smartphone of last year with this years midranger but sometimes it makes sense to get the model from the last year.
A community member
Apr 7, 2021
derzulyaI have two pairs from Drop (PX) and still tempted to get P1 - I find sound just excellent for classics and jazz. They definitely sound better than some 1 grand stuff. Only thing to remember - they require good amplification, however even Shanling M0 take them very well in HG mode.
Mar 17, 2021
have them for few years, highly recommend them for the asking price
Mar 20, 2021
deicide3Would you recommend them without the asking price?
Mar 15, 2021
is it with cable
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