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Noble FoKus Mystique Earbuds

Noble FoKus Mystique Earbuds

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Noble Audio is well-known for delivering painstakingly well-tuned IEMs in wired formats, and the Noble FoKus Mystique takes all of the pedigree and brings it to the truly wireless space. What you get is a triple-driver IEM—with an 8.2-millimeter dynamic unit and 2 Knowles balanced armatures—that’s capable of delivering warm-yet-detailed, impressively balanced sound Read More

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Apr 28, 2024
Activities:Casual Listening
Music Genres:Classical, Country, Electronic, Hip-hop, Metal, Pop, R&B, Rock
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For me, all the sound with none of the wires
These are the second set of Noble's I've experienced, and I'm no less in awe. I've had my Noble X for approximately six years and have absolutely loved them. The most annoying aspect of the Noble X is that the chord would end up losing contact at some point and my music would be interrupted as I doing Y job. With the wireless set up, I'm no longer running into this issue. More importantly for me, because I don't have the same auditory palette as some, I do not notice a difference in fidelity between the two sets of headphones. The pass through function is great (so long as I remember to turn it off while using power tools), and the phone calls are clear. The music: like the Xs the sound stage is engaging. I hear the various instruments around me, and with a clarity that I miss when I'm using inferior products E.G. the crap speakers at work. The bass is plenty powerful E.G. Two Feet - Love is a Bitch, but does not take away from the rest of the musical experience. In something like Peter Gabriel's - Book of Love, I can feel the age come through in his voice, and in Chris Isaak's - Blue Spanish Sky, that horn...that haunting horn is the most perfect sound. I am not sure I have the musical palette to truly enjoy anything higher end than this.

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