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DNA65 RGB Stacked Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard

DNA65 RGB Stacked Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard

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When a compact layout is essential—and light diffusion is a must—the DNA65 Stacked Acrylic mechanical keyboard delivers. Small enough to fit on almost any desktop, it features a 65-key layout with an Fn combination key to accommodate intensive typing applications Read More

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Jan 18, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great price, and a very good board with a little work
I don't recall why I bought this keyboard in the first place, but upon receiving it and trying it out I thought about giving it away. I got it with browns and to be completely honest the board sounded pretty bad. The stabilizers, as many have mentioned, rattle a lot and the keyboard has poor sound overall. It's metallic, hollow, pingy, and just sounds bad. BUT with very little effort this board can be drastically improved. First I lubed the stabs with super lube. A generous amount on the wire and lightly on the stem (or whatever). The stock stabs sounded great after that. Next got some thin craft foam and cut it to shape/size and put it behind the PCB. This improved the sound all-around. This is enough of an improvement on the board to make it enjoyable to use, but I went a step further. Not liking the sound of the browns, I tried some Kailh Pro Burgundy (if not burgundy they are whatever the linear is called) and some Gat Blacks. Both were improvements in sound. Then I tried an NK Cream I had in a switch tester. This was when I realized this board has potential. I didn't want to use the Creams since I only had like 110 and they're out of stock, but I do have 100 Banana Splits with 200 on the way. So I removed all of the switch LEDs (I did not do this the correct way, I used small flush cutters and popped them all off in about a minute). I then lubed and filmed the switches and put the board back together. The sound of this board is on par with what I've heard in typing tests for countless other $400 boards using Splits, Creams, Alpacas, or any other high end linear. I really like the RGB lights around the bottom of the case, and once I thoroughly enjoy typing on this board. Overall I am very impressed with this keyboard.
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checkVerified Buyer
A amazing keyboard.
This is my first time using yellow switches the keyboard is well made with an incline which I am not yet used to and I believe it removable and adjustable, but at the stock level, with an arm rest, I do not experience any more wrist pain as I did before. Definitely, a great work keyboard and I'm yet to try it as a Gaming Keyboard, Something I do notice is that the acrylic layers do shift slightly but it is literally not a problem and doesn't change the quality, it an amazing Keyboard, And I'm using it to type right now. The Stock Keycaps are Great as well, letting in a lot of that Rgb Light. The DNA image is definitely not as clear as it in the photo but It doesn't truly Matter to me.
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Jan 14, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
good aesthetic, build is so-so, good custom potential, however...
The aesthetic is good for those who want a specific look, the build is really is you get what you pay for, great potential for customization. EXCEPT it is only 3 pin compatible, I was under a different assumption when I bought it. Also the bottom plate is unbalanced and you might wobble on your desk if you are a programmer and you hit your escape key to hard. I love the Gateron yellows that came with it after a quick lube job. As good as people say it is, butter on a budget. But that really is the best description of this board, it is good on a budget. Definitely not endgame for me, or a lot of people. BUT it is a great travel board/secondary board to test switches on.
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Feb 14, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Incredible quality
Now quality and value don't usually go hand in hand. The thick acrylic sandwich with the metal plate creates a dense sound when using switches and has a premium feel to it. This makes the keyboard have a very desirable characteristic setup and the keys that come with it are such a good quality - I would argue not swapping them out. Keep this original and as it is. The only thing I would say, is lubricate the switches as well and you will ahve a virtually perfect setup. I will get more of these if they come back in stock.
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Jun 1, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
came broken
ey this shit came broken
Jan 21, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Don't buy this keyboard

I was excited about the keyboard and making some mods to it, but I was disappointed .
First, let us talk about the pros :
  • On the aesthetic side, it is a beautiful keyboard with RGB lighting, acrylic layers and brass plate.
  • Stabilizers are good
This is for the pros. Let's talk about the cons, which are many :
  • The feet of the keyboard are unstable and wobble if you press (home - esc) .
  • There are gaps between the acrylic layers .
  • There is heat coming from the bottom of the keyboard .
  • useless software .
  • The (FN) key does not work like other keyboards, and you cannot customize layers from the software, which makes dealing with the keyboard difficult .
By the end,I wouldn't have paid a single dollar for this keyboard If aware of these Issues, however you get what you pay for .
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May 3, 2021
abr5256With some modding, some of the problems you addressed can be fixed.
  • The wobbly feel can be counteracted with the two rubber feet they provide by putting them on the inclined feet. If you somehow don't have the said rubber feet, you can just take out the big metal DNA logo altogether, since it's the main reason why the board wobbles.
  • The gaps can be band-aid modded to add friction and seals up the layers. I haven't done so yet but someone on Reddit said it worked for them, so it's worth a shot.
The rest is just your preference, so not much to address there since that's what you get for a cheap board.
Feb 1, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Its a nice barebone rgb enthutiests peice but...
As far as typing expereience goes, there is far better you can get at this price point. This is a stacked acrylic that comes delivered in flimsy state. I had to take it apart at reassemble it so it fit correctly. Strike one. The pcb is also north-facing hotswap- okay I can still live with that, it is very RGB without a doubt HOWEVER the per key LED require that you use an SMD style housing for your switches since no other switch would sit mounted flush against the plate otherwise. Strike two. Finally the risers on the back are stacked in a way that the keys in the top-right hand of the board are totally off balance with the rest of the board. (This means the backspace key) It just doesnt feel that sturdy of a board to type on. Pass on this and spend just a little more for something miles better.
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Jan 10, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Lowkey what you expect for the price
I feel like it should be mentioned that the keyboard is only compatible with SMD style switches. I probably wouldn't have gotten this board had I known my switch options would be so heavily limited. It do be like that sometime. Also definitely recommend getting new stabilizers, stock are not the best.
Jan 13, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great Price, Great Sound, but build came in messed up.
This is my first keyboard with that wasn’t cheap from Amazon. The sound kind of blew my expectations considering I bought this for a little more than my other keyboard and it blows that out of the water (Gateron Browns). Unfortunately, if you can refer to the pictures, the acrylic came in warped on one side. Both from above and below of the black border in between. If this wasn’t sent in like this, it would have been an easy 5 stars. I actually like the acrylic build. Idk if I have to screw in further but I’m afraid to crack any of it. Could be my own defective keyboard though, can’t speak for everyone who has ordered.

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Jan 18, 2021
In the folder 021-DNA65 until yesterday there was the software and a file that was called, Firmware Update (Support F1-F12 Function), now it does not appear, I hope it is because of the consultation I am making with the manufacturer since those files did not work and shortly upload a correct firmware upgrade.
Jan 21, 2021
Thank you so much
Activities:Work & Gaming
Paired Switch:Tactile
checkVerified Buyer
Fine, not exceptional
I really like this form factor and the stiff plate this ships with. It turns out that I don't like the acrylic stacks, and that is at least partially due to the lack of quality with this particular product. The plates aren't all the exact same size and so they kind of slide around.
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