Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

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The Most Advanced Tenkeyless Keyboard Ever

To put it simply, the CTRL mechanical keyboard has it all. Constructed with a solid aluminum frame with a built-in switch plate, it’s stable and fortified. And thanks to the Kaihua switch sockets, it allows you to change switches whenever you want with no soldering required. It’s also fully programmable via QMK, meaning you can assign macros or custom keybinds to every key if you like. With dual USB-C connectors, the CTRL is outfitted with the fastest available connections. Aesthetically, the CTRL impresses, too. Featuring customizable RGB backlighting and underlighting, it puts on a show in myriad colors; or you can set it to a single color for a more subtle look.

Note: This is for the CTRL barebones - which ships without keycaps or switches. 

Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

Optimized Per-Key Lighting With Millions of Colors

The switches on the CTRL feature light pipes that are optimized to deliver the most light possible through the keycaps. No matter what tone you want, it’s got you covered: You’ll have your choice from millions of different colors for every single key. Feel free to program the lighting to cycle through the entire spectrum, or set it to a two-toned look to match your setup. Don’t worry about flickering, either: The backlighting displays at a super-high frame rate, so it’s clear as day even at night.

Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard
Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard
Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

Fully Programmable Via QMK

Customizing your keyboard is a lot of fun. That’s why the CTRL features a fully programmable PCB, designed for modification. Using QMK firmware, you have total control over every key. Plus, the configurator allows you to program macros and customized keymapping so you can easily fine-tune your keyboard for gaming, work, or play. It’s also outfitted with two USB type-C connectors (one on each side), allowing you to transfer data and charge devices at USB 2.0 speeds.

Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

Hefty Aluminum Frame & Hot-Swappable Switches

Known for its toughness and ability to hold a quality surface finish, anodized aluminum plays the starring role in the CTRL’s frame. Heavy enough to stay put when you're cranking out an email or locked into an intense FPS match, the frame also has a low profile to complement your desktop. Thanks to the built-in switch plate and hot-swappable PCB, the CTRL gives you the freedom to change out your switches whenever you like. Best of all? You don’t need to solder each switch. Just pop them in and they’re ready to go.

Case Colors

Add-on Drop Switches

Add-on Cherry Switches

Add-on Gateron Switches

Add-on Kailh Switches (90 pack)

Add-on Custom Keycap Set

Add-on Drop Skylight Series Keycap Set

Add-On LOOP Mechanical Switch Puller

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, half the fun is swapping switches, keycaps, and components. Hotswappable keyboards are convenient ways to audition new switch types without the need to solder, but some PCBs have really stiff sockets and pins—so having a high-quality switch puller can save you a lot of time and effort. This high-quality puller from LOOP has a rubber coating for grippability and comfort, meaning you won’t have to worry about stiffness when pulling lots of switches. And the hooked, inward-curving claws reach safely and snugly around your hot-swappable or desoldered switches to give you leverage without doing damage.

Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard
Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard
Drop CTRL Barebones Mechanical Keyboard


  • 87 keys
  • Anodized CNC machined aluminum frame
  • Custom PCB 
  • Hot-swap switch sockets 
  • QMK firmware
  • Plate-mounted Cherry-style stabilizers
  • Floating key design
  • Dual USB-C connectors
  • PCB compatible with plate-mount switches and stabilizers only
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 5.5 x 1.4 in (36.8 x 14 x 3.6 cm)
  • Weight: 34 oz (964 g)
  • Keyboard Configurator


  • 56-inch USB cable
  • Keycap puller
  • Switch puller
  • Plate-mount stabilizers
  • 1-year Drop Warranty


We get it. Sometimes what you ordered just doesn’t work out. If that’s the case for you, don’t fret! All customers (both US and international) may return this item in new, unused condition within 30 days of delivery.


Estimated ship date is May 19, 2022 PT.

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What kind of switches can I use with this - PCB mount or plate mount?
Jan 21, 2021
Top Answer
They are Plate mounted, but if you get PCB mounted switches you can just cut off the two extra thingys, i forget the words for themRead More
Feb 16, 2021
Is there a full sized version in the works?
Apr 1, 2021
Top Answer
There is the Drop SHIFT which is a full sized keyboard, but the only barabones version of the SHIFT available as of now is the high profile version.Read More
May 2, 2021
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How well does this work out of the box with Mac?
Jan 21, 2021
Top Answer
It should work with Mac just fineRead More
Feb 16, 2021
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Barebones w/Cherry MX Speeds, keycaps are Akko World Toyko
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nice heavy board
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Drop CTRL Barebones, Holy Panda switches, Dasher MT3 keycaps
Looks awsome
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Did I mention that XDA looks soooo good on the CTRL?
what a beauty!
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