Drop + Nephlock GMK Kaiju Custom Keycap Set
Drop + Nephlock GMK Kaiju Custom Keycap Set
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Product Description
Run for your life! GMK Kaiju is here to wreak havoc on your favorite keyboard. Styled in reptilian green, fiery orange, and classic cream, this set pays tribute to blockbuster Japanese monster movies.
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Defend Your Desktop

Sound the alarm and head to the basement! The most frightening keycap set to ever hit your city has emerged from the ocean depths—monstrous, unstoppable, and dripping wet. Taking inspiration from classic Japanese monster movies, GMK Kaiju is the latest from designer Nephlock, who you may know from the breakout GMK Metropolis. In Japanese, “kaiju” translates to “strange beast,” which is fitting given the colors of the set. There’s green modifiers for a reptilian look, hot orange accents for a kaiju’s fiery breath, and beige alphas that pay homage to defense terminals used to coordinate retaliation. Finally, tying it all together are the hiragana Japanese sublegends.

Note: The Drop + Nephlock GMK Kaiju Custom Keycap Set will launch March 4 at 6 a.m. PT.

Durable Doubleshot ABS Construction

Made with ABS plastic with a semi-matte finish, the GMK Kaiju keycaps are doubleshot injected, which means the legends won’t fade over time. They’re also sculpted in German-designed Cherry profile, known for its comfortable feel for programmers, writers, and more. As far as compatibility, the keycaps will fit on Cherry MX stems and related clones.

Base Kit

The Base Kit for Kaiju features hiragana sub-legends by default—affirming its thematic ties to vintage Japanese monster films. This kit offers coverage for any standard-layout keyboard, as well as a variety of popular custom layouts, such as 1800, CP, WKL, TKL, 75%, 65%, 60%, and MX-HHKB style.

Translations Kit

The Translations Kit can be used to replace the sub-legend keycaps from the base kit, for those that prefer the classic look of standard Latin alphas.

Abnormalities Kit

The Abnormalities Kit includes unique sizes and differing-row profiles to extend coverage of the Base Kit to include many of the popular ortholinear, split, ergonomic, and sub-60% layouts.

Warnings Kit

A strong nod to the iconography of its theme, the Warnings kit features several F-row and bottom row novelty keys, as well as a Kaiju kanji enter and accent arrow keys to complete the look of your defense terminal.

Barriers Kit

The Barriers Kit adds accent spacebars in 6.25U and 7U variants. It extends the coverage of the base kit to 6u-spacebar layouts, such as the Uniqey C70 and HHKB boards (with appropriate conversion to accept MX keycaps). The kit also offers support for standard split-space layouts.

  • Designed by Nephlock
  • Produced by GMK
  • Doubleshot ABS
  • Cherry profile
  • MX compatible
  • Made in Germany
  • All orders ship in a GMK display tray
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Images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final product may differ slightly.


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Estimated ship date is Sep 30, 2020 PT.

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