Drop Signature Series Moodboard

Drop Signature Series Moodboard

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An Unmatched Typing Experience—For Every Mood

No matter your mood, you deserve a keyboard that channels you. With an aesthetic that captures all emotions—and a build that captures all the finest components—the Moodboard may just be the perfect fit. It’s the latest creation in our Signature Series, and it maximizes both color and build quality to deliver an uncompromising typing experience in a compact package. Built on a bulky, brooding ALT High-Profile case in our “Lilac” colorway, the Moodboard packs extra personality with the colorful Accent Kit from our pastel-themed MT3 Extended 2048 Keycap Set. For top-notch tactile typing, it features our exclusive Holy Panda X switches plaired with Everglide stabilizers. Hand-assembled in the USA, each Moodboard Keyboard comes with a soft carry case for secure, streamlined carry.

Drop Signature Series Moodboard
Drop Signature Series Moodboard
Drop Signature Series Moodboard

Our Signature: Quality You Can Feel

To truly understand the benefits of a Signature Series mechanical keyboard, you have to feel it. The first thing you’ll notice about the Moodboard Keyboard is its sturdiness. As opposed to plastic alternatives that rattle as you type, this hand-assembled board features a rock-solid aluminum case for maximum stability. Atop this substantial base, it houses some of truly impressive components—Holy Panda X switches, paired with Everglide stabilizers—to deliver a highly tailored tactile “bump” on every actuation. If you ever want to change the feel, you can simply pop in new switches, thanks to the hot-swappable circuit board. You can also change the light scheme at any time with programmable RGB backlighting. Featuring a compact form factor and hefty high-profile build, this is one class-leading custom keyboard that will keep your desktop feeling and looking great—no matter your mood.

Drop Signature Series Moodboard
Drop Signature Series Moodboard
Drop Signature Series Moodboard
Drop Signature Series Moodboard
Drop Signature Series Moodboard


  • Drop
  • 67 keys
  • Layout: ALT
  • Anodized CNC-machined aluminum frame (ALT High-Profile, “Lilac” colorway)
  • 6°case angle
  • Switches: Holy Panda X Switches (tactile)
  • Keycaps: Drop + biip MT3 Extended 2048 Custom Keycap Set (Accent Kit)
  • Stabilizers: Everglide stabilizers
  • Hot-swappable switch sockets 
  • RGB backlighting 
  • Programmable with QMK firmware
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Hand-assembled in the USA


  • Soft carrying case


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