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Drop Signature Series Ultrasonic Keyboard

Drop Signature Series Ultrasonic Keyboard

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When your typing is so fine-tuned that it’s ultra-fast, ultra-comfortable, and ultra-stylish, you might as well call it ultrasonic. In our latest Signature Series installment, that’s exactly what we did Read More

Nov 16, 2022
LOL its 2022 and they are still selling this board for $279. this is a rip off. there are so many better boards out there are are far far superior than this. this uses old and bad design technics like attached unified body and plate. poor software and lighting support. they need to update this so its inline with other boards. just look at the GMMKPro. it when on sale as well for almost $200 cheaper than this board and is far superior than this board.
Jan 29, 2022
This is literally my board except I have the silver high profile instead of the black. Damn, this is much cheaper in this bundle too.. rip
A community member
Jan 19, 2022
"Fade-free PBT build." Aren't GMK keycaps ABS?
Jan 19, 2022
they are indeed!
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