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Drop + The Lord of the Rings™ Mordor™ Keycap Holder

Drop + The Lord of the Rings™ Mordor™ Keycap Holder

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In Mordor, there’s really only one fortress worthy of The Dark Lord himself. That’s Barad-dûr™: The Dark Tower Read More

Jun 10, 2024
Not super stoked about the quality. The battery base was secured, and failed, with hot glue. Pulling the Sauron eye keycap off the top pulls out the core switch, also secured by hot glue... for $100, would've hoped for better quality.
May 16, 2024
When do you start shipping? It says that the estimated delivery date is May 13th, but it has already passed
Feb 21, 2024
25 requests = 25 orders total? Such a small batch... will these get made?
AzraelianThat's just the number of requests since the preorder ended, we sold many many more than that. An order will be placed and a new preorder will be opened soon.
🖤Dwarf Factory + DROP Collab: The Lord Of The Rings™ Mordor™ Keycap Holders 🏔 A collection of Dwarf creations, crafted for those with the darkest souls! 👁️ Accept the shadows in your heart...and embrace our latest The Lord of The Rings™ masterpieces: The Tower of Barad-dûr™ and The Wraith Circle! ⚔️ These battery-powered, light-up keycap lairs seek you out to be their new conqueror! Do you have wicked artisans in your armory, powerful enough to supplant the Dark Lord's power? ✨ One key to find them...One key to rule them all!! ⭐
Feb 7, 2024
OH MY SAURON these are frickin' amazing. The only thing that would make it better was if it had a built-in battery for light effects. Aaaaand I just read it's battery powered. This just reached must have level of LOTRO gear.
Talk about unnecessary and useless.... ill take both. How is it that you guys know exactly what we want when we don't even know it. My desk is basically an advertisement for drop at this point LOL
Feb 6, 2024
Is the switch swappable?
AzraelianNo, it's soldered in.
Feb 6, 2024
This is so unnecessary and stupid, I love it.
Feb 6, 2024
Woah - this is really cool, lol. Would love to see someone convert this into a functional 1-key macropad, lol.
MxMoonSame! Haha. Get up in there through the battery port on the bottom and wire up a microcontroller to the switch. It's not trivial, but probably not too tough. 🤔
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