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Durgod K330W 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod K330W 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
The Durgod K330W is a 60% keyboard that brings value and excellent build quality together in a bold, colorful package. The K330W allows you to cut your tether and type anywhere on your desktop with up to 240 days via Bluetooth 5.0 or 180 days with 2.4 gigahertz wireless (based on 8 hour per day usage)—but if you do want to plug in, there’s USB-C functionality as well Read More

Customer Reviews

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60% would recommend to a friend
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Don't buy this keyboard
This keyboard has excellent build quality and a nice aesthetic. I was presently surprised by the quality of the stabs. They were the best I have ever experienced on a prebuilt keyboard which surprised me. My main gripe with they keyboard are that its a more premium/enthusiast product and isn't hot swap. Other than that I would have liked a white backlighting but understand they needed somewhere to cut to make money. Overall i give the product itself a 4.5/5. The reason I gave it a 1 was my experience with Drop. When I ordered my keyboard it gave me and expected ship date and said that if not shipped by a few days after I will be contacted. I wasn't so after about a week I contacted customer support. The lady that answered my ticket forwarded me and email that she says was sent to me saying it will be delayed not more than a month or else they would contact me. The customer support lady was not understanding and told me that I should have received the email. I looked many times since then never received it. after 32 days and no contact I reached out again and she said that she would flag it to the logistics team. she never addressed the fact and email wasn't ever sent out. Another two weeks later I contacted them again asking for any info, I was initially told there was none but a day later the only customer service lady that helped in any way reached out to me all on my own and gave me all the details and information that was available and gave me her idea on when it will arrive. the keyboard ended up shipping two months after its first expected ship date. They never reached out with and apology or compensation for the wait in any way. This entire experience ruined my opinion of drop. I hope someone with any authority at drop reads this will ensure this wont happen to other and trains their customer service reps because only one of the three I talked to did their job and was even nice. TLDR: great product - drop couldn't fulfil orders and has the worst customer service
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Jun 3, 2022
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clean switches
clean feel and look, will not disappoint
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May 5, 2022
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A great entry level board for those who love the aesthetic
I've been using this keyboard now for about 48 hours. My experience has been overall quite positive. For me, the layout is surprisingly comfortable. I had tried to order the tactile switches, but ended up messing up my order and got the clicky switches instead. Initially I was turned off by the sound. However, after feeling the switches, it took little time at all for it all to *click* for me. I love the look. Plain and simple. The blue fading into the pink looks great. The fact that it alternates between the top plate and the frame is a nice touch. The keycaps look excellent. The slightly off-white grey color blends nice with the gentle dark grey lettering. The font is very nice, and the function markings are tucked away neatly as to not be obtrusive, or in most circumstances thus far, noticeable at all when I'm not specifically looking for them. The dark grey and light blue accent keys look great. They frame and embolden the keys without detracting from them. The keyboard feels pretty solid for having a plastic body. It's not overly weighty, but it does feel substantial. The functionality is quite good. I like that the USB 2.4ghz dongle is tucked away in it's own compartment. It's much harder to lose it like that. The Bluetooth worked flawlessly on both my phone and iPad mini4. As far as the key feel, they are semi-stiff with a shorter than average travel. The break is clean and crisp, and not too deep into the press. The sound of the board itself is quite good considering it's size. It's not thocky, but it's also not overly rattly. The keys have a crisp click, without any reverberation. The end result is a very satisfying keypress. The clickiness isn't something I wanted, but now that I have it, it is actually quite satisfying. I haven't experiences any failed keypresses, or chattering. Everything has been rock solid. I don't feel the need to pound the switches all the time, which says a lot for a tactile bump you can rely on. It's consistent, noticeable, and within a short time typing on it, you'll feel where the actuation point is, and rarely exceed it. I have found that my fingers start to float on the keys after a few moments of typing. As far as negatives, I don't have many. The things I'd consider negatives aren't so much negative, as things I wish this keyboard featured. For example, there is no lighting, aside from some status lights at the top left corner of the board. I don't know that RGB backlighting would really fit well on this board. Maybe some white backlighting would look good. I think RGB would detract from the aesthetic honestly. At least for the backlighting. I would like to see some lighting elsewhere. Maybe side lighting, or under lighting would look nice. It'd be cool to have some pink/blue rolling RGB slits in the sides and front/back. I don't know how you'd incorporate them however, without it ending up being gawdy. Also, the plate is silver. I feel like either matching it to the case, or going with something more neutral that blended in could have been better, like a dark grey, white, or even the baby blue on the shell. I feel like the silver stands out more than I think it's intended to. Aside from that, honestly I think this keyboard is more premium than some of my more expensive ones. I'll be using this keyboard far more than I initially anticipated. I came for the aesthetic, I stayed for the typing experience. Keep making great stuff like this! I'll be watching for sure!
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Very average
Feels cheap.
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Apr 16, 2022
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Punches above its weight
I honestly only ordered this because I really liked the Ice Cream colors, but I ended up with a keyboard that's going to be part of my regular rotation. Maybe I just got really lucky with mine, but the build quality is outrageously good for ~$100. Yes, it's a plastic case and there's no hotswap, but feels extremely solid and is actually one of the best sounding keyboards I have. Very thocky (I went for the Gateron Browns) and not a hint of any sort of reverb or pinging. Easily the best stock stabs I've had as well. Zero rattle, and I've had $200+ keyboards that have needed dielectric grease and other stab tweaks right out of the box. The only other keyboard I've bought that's been this well built and fuss free straight out of the box was my $300+ Ergodox EZ. I really hope they bring these back at some point, because this is a really great way to get into mechanical keyboards or for someone that wants to try a 60% without spending too much.
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