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Durock Translucent Smokey L7 Linear Mechanical Switches

Durock Translucent Smokey L7 Linear Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
With ultra-reliable linear action and a translucent smoky look, Durock’s L7 Linear Mechanical Switches make a smooth addition to any keyboard. Available here are three spring weights: 62, 67, and 78 grams—requiring 42, 45, and 52 grams of actuation force respectively Read More

Dec 15, 2021
Good lord... What POSSIBLE REASON could there be to justify these year-old Durocks, that are already readily-available everywhere, having not only an almost $10 markup on the smallest quantity, BUT NOT EXPECTED TO BE DELIVERED UNTIL APRIL OF NEXT YEAR?! Please people: you're paying MORE for an already-old & standard linear, to get them NEXT SPRING. I really hope this isn't just, "lol Because Drop"...
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