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Dwarf Factory Sushiville Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory Sushiville Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
Dwarf Factory artisan keycaps and top-tier sushi have at least one thing in common: expert craftsmanship. Combining those disciplines at their commonality, the Sushiville Artisan Keycaps deliver a tasty take on your 1u keycap game, with a variety of “rolls” that look almost good enough to eat Read More

Konnichiwa! Welcome to our 6-star Dwarfchelin sushi haven, where culinary brilliance meets sushi perfection. Prepare for an enchanting voyage of flavors and textures, passionately crafted to indulge your senses. Enjoy our exquisite sushi delights!  Our exquisite selection of six delectable sushi creations:  Ikura Umee: Fresh salmon roe (ikura) sits atop perfectly seasoned sushi rice, offering a satisfying pop of flavor in every bite. Indulge in this delicacy's rich, slightly sweet taste, a true treat for sushi enthusiasts. Saba Shiwase: Mackerel (saba) is expertly cured in a tangy blend of vinegar and spices, resulting in a well-balanced, subtly briny delight.  Each piece promises a taste of the sea like no other. Shake Sugoii: Fresh and buttery salmon graces a bed of subtly sweet sushi rice. A true classic, this sushi offers a rich and delightful experience in every mouthful. Tako Saiko: Tender octopus (tako) dances on a canvas of seasoned sushi rice, creating a harmony of textures and tastes. Sushi is a delightful choice for those seeking something unique. Umami Unagi: Grilled freshwater eel (unagi) glazed with a sweet and savory sauce graces our sushi rice, delivering a delightful contrast of flavors that will leave you craving more. Zeppin Ebi: Succulent and juicy shrimp (ebi) is a luxury yet simple delight. With its delicate flavors and sinewy texture, this sushi is a perfect choice for seafood enthusiasts. Unleash your inner foodie and dive into the sensational world of our sushi creations! And thank you for supporting our artisans’ work!!
Jul 22, 2023
Does preorder mean that Drop will only acquire a select amount of DF and it won't be an instock item for any period after that?
Jul 20, 2023
Wow, these are awesome! I wish you had a discount if you get 3-6 of them, the whole collection is very cool but pricey...
These look amazing. I kinda want to try eating them, haha
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