Jun 28, 2022
so, computer is needed just to upload themes? no sync with system time? no way to program alarms or notifications from pc to the clock? that could be nice and useful
Jun 28, 2022
Can we get a picture of this on a desk setup or it next to something for scale?
Jun 27, 2022
There is a typo in the last line. > The X4 Clock is powered by USB-C, features gold control buttons for a touch of glass, and even gives you RGB back glow to add even more ambience to your setup. Either thats supposed to be "and a touch of glass" or "for a touch of class". I found another review that mentions glass but it seems like it's just about this posting. I was actually interested in the, is it metal or plastic?
Jun 26, 2022
From the details given, this is likely a smaller version of the EleksMaker Elekstube N6 in terms of components and functionality but in a different housing. You can find the N6 on AliExpress, Amazon, etc. Techmoan did a review of the Elekstube IPS on YouTube which should give an idea of functionality if it has the same screens and controller.
Jun 26, 2022
I've been looking for a desk clock for quite some time. This is the most interesting one I've seen. Buying...
Is this programmable?
You can add 4 custom displays (displaying 4 photos), or design the numbers of the clock.
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