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Everglide Dark Jade Black Mechanical Switches

Everglide Dark Jade Black Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
Aside from the discovery of the Holy Pandas back in 2018, it’s been a while since a mechanical switch has taken the mech keys community by storm. Everglide has something to say about that Read More

Dec 3, 2021
90 or 110 not available :(, don't wanna buy 2x 70
Mar 31, 2021
does anyone know if these switches can be filmed?
Aug 2, 2021
Unenlightenmentyes u can film them for sure. did it myself
Mar 4, 2021
Are they compatible with Kailh hot swap sockets?
Mar 7, 2021
TheMrDwinkleyYes, almost all MX style switches are.
Mar 1, 2021
Do these come pre-lubed?
Mar 21, 2021
Feb 28, 2021
These were a gift so I can't actually review them, so I figure I would just put it here. Sorry if this rustles some jimmies but I figure the more feedback the better in any case. Plus I suppose it would allow others to comment and get my thoughts or just shit on me for what I wrote. Either way I suppose.. Five stars all the way through. I have these on my Melody95 and honestly they're leagues above the Drop Holy Pandas. Although I would take the HP over the Novel Key Blueberry based on their thumpier snap. But these? These are... The best way that I fell that I can articulate what it is that I feel is that; These switches are almost like having a box clicky switch almost, almost as snappy as the Box Navy. Sans the loud click and snap of a finger sensation they offer. They're not as razor thin on the overall sensation, rather a bit more meaty. It's like a flick of the wrist in comparison to the snap of the finger with these switches. I realize these aren't the most common descriptors but it's the best way to describe the "synesthesia like" sensations. But I feel that from the perspective of an albeit mild synesthete, this is likely the best way to articulate my point of view. Yes, I do know what a synesthete is and how it's not at all a 1:1 in this instance but bear with the example, yes? It makes for a google-able reference point I suppose. They sound rather nice although I believe that a lot of the sound comes from the caps, case, plate, standoff height, and what it's resting on of course. So with the caps I have on now in the mel96 full alu case & alu plate, with shortened rubber feet for a lift off of about 2mm. I'd say that despite the metallic twang I get from the alu parts, it's still a rather nice "thk-k/thnk-k/tk-k" sort of sound(-k ='s return/reset sound perceived). So not really the "thok" that most folks are looking for but this really isn't the right set of circumstances to obtain that, I daresay. That being said I am looking into building a 60ish keeb in a wooden case that has a brass plate. Along with another one either poly case & plate or one with a brass plate. I'll more than likely be getting these switches for those builds just do to the fact that these have become almost my end game tactile switches. (here's where my batshit insanity kicks in.. so do heed this warning.) ((I also did the below with the Drop Holy Pandas but it wasn't really any better than the stock Dark Jades.)) My end game would be the Blueberry stem & spring with these Dark Jade housings. The stock Dark Jade spring was too light to reset the switch, hence using the Blubes' spring. But sadly they just aren't compatible. The leaf won't actually actuate unless under the duress of a 150g spring or under the duress of my jamming the key upwards (towards the rear of the case) to force the leaf to make contact, or was it separate? The switch will actually work with a 150g spring but it effectively destroys the tactility is the main takeaway really. If you happen to have these two switches then I implore you to try this out just to feel the majesty of the combination. It effectively creates a switch that has about... no wobble to it when reset & marginally more once actuated. ~0.45-0.50mm pre travel. ~0mm stem to led slit give, North ~0.10-0.20mm (by eye) stem to back give, South ~0.05-0.10mm stem to left/right give, East & West An actuation sensation of... If I were to pull the synesthete card back out?... soft neoprene rubber/foam like.. texture? Which lasts for all of the instant upon breaking through that pre travel. A break through / follow through that smoothly but virtually instantly assists you into a sudden bubble popping-like tactile sensation. I'd say it's soft and rounded overall, yet still very snappy neigh on flick-y with basically no way to not bottom out unless holding the switch or with a rather deft touch. The bottoming out sensation is basically like.. touching the surface said bubble was sitting on to begin with. Now then, I'm no keeb or switch reviewer, I'm just batshit insane and have no problems voicing it for the sake of... well because I can. I do apologize that I am going to likely take up a lot of screen real estate and likely make people wonder what I've been huffing for this or all my life. I do hope that my review discussion/comment on these was useful to someone out there. Hell even mildly entertaining for those that just want the schadenfreude of seeing a verbal train wreck from a keeb newb. But the point remains the same for me. These are honestly stellar switches if you're looking for a solid and snappy tactile switch and aren't obsessed with sound. These are for what I shall stand by my claims of a clicky sensation but a tactile's acoustic profile.
Jan 23, 2021
Which version of everglides are these?
Jan 16, 2021
Not compatible with Drop keyboards? The switch housing doesn't allow for mounting. I wish I had known before ordering.
Jan 25, 2021
Ahhh got it and there was no other trouble after? Bet
Jan 25, 2021
ant3298No trouble and my usage of that particular keyboard went up by like 500% at least
Jan 14, 2021
so tactile, non-clicky is a thing...? Not like I ever familiarized with different types of materials but I thought the clicky sound was part of what made a switch tactile.
Feb 28, 2021
sneakeyboardThis is honestly a really valid point of confusion to be honest. Before I looked more into it I would've surmised the very same thing to be quite honest. It makes sense when you think about the click jacket or the click bar being the thing responsible, rather than the flares (might be the wrong word.. legs maybe?). Regardless, you're not wrong though. That's kind of what I love about some really clicky switches to be honest. The feed back that they offer that prior to about half a year to a year ago I had not reference for at all. Sans you reading my honestly all too long comment above.. I would say if you like the way a clicky feels but you want it meatier, then this is most certainly the switch to get.
Jan 13, 2021
Attention: even after drops lame 20$ off coupon. You can buy these cheaper and they will ship right away with fast shipping compared to waiting a week for drop to start the shipment then two weeks for their bargain snail mail package program they have with FedEx.
Feb 28, 2021
Isn't there also the difference of the Dark Jade being pbt upper, pbt lower, pom stem. Rather than the Koala's nylon lower, polycarb upper, and pom stem? I'm not all too sure what the different is of this is but I know I like these and given my habits for keeping unknown variables out of the way. I dare say these are still easily worth the cash.
Mar 15, 2021
MdotMaxsonHow do we get here, that people just look at the color of the switch and just assume its the same thing. Colors is not what makes a switch, a switch.
Jan 13, 2021
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