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GK64X Hot-Swappable RGB Mechanical Keyboard Kit

GK64X Hot-Swappable RGB Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
A great starting point for any 60% keyboard build, the GK64X mechanical keyboard kit combines quality engineering with the cutting-edge features that both enthusiasts and new users want. Starting from the top, a high-profile ABS case adds some extra dimensionality without piling on too much weight Read More

Apr 24, 2023
My LED lights aren't working
Jan 16, 2023
Anyone know of a board similar to this but split backspace and QMK/VIA?
Jan 17, 2023
CydTrevellionThis board has a standard GH60 bottom plate, which means you can use a DZ60 PCB to support whatever you want. That said, Amazon has it for 69 bucks and free shipping, so yeah, unless you have Drop points I see no point in purchasing this BS. Classic Drop.
$80 for a North facing four year old plastic 60% keyboard? Drop should be giving these away to entrants into the hobby, not selling them for so much more than they are worth today. I can get a GMK67 with knob and three mode wireless for basically half the price, why would I buy this?
Nov 25, 2022
Does it take mx keys?
Aug 26, 2022
Does it have a built in page up/page down command? I'm using it for work and can't run the driver software to make my own layer mapping because I don't have admin permissions to download programs, but really need page up and page down. I thought something like fn+up arrow would be logical but that doesn't work.
Apr 22, 2022
I bought one of these and used it for a little over a year until one day at work there was a lot of static and my 1, q, a, z, and alt stopped working. Does anyone know how I can attempt to fix it?
Mar 8, 2022
What are the colorful keycaps seen in the pictures? I'd really love to get a set.
Jan 13, 2022
Do I need top add my own stabilizers
mallforLate answer for anyone scrolling: it comes with basic stabs.
Jan 13, 2022
Is it possible to put a two pin switch into the 5 pin slots
mallforLate answer for anyone scrolling: yes they fit and function just fine.
A community member
Dec 23, 2021
The pcb manufacturer has "Bluetooth 5.1 wireless keyboard, split spacebar module (GK64XS ONLY)" written on their site. This keyboard does have a split spacebar module. So is it the GK64XS, or the GK64X, as mentioned in the title? Does this keyboard support Bluetooth?
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