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Heavy Shell Pare65 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Heavy Shell Pare65 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
If you’re looking for a substantially built mechanical keyboard that takes form, function, quality, and customization seriously, the modular Heavy Shell Pare65 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard Kit is a must-see contender. This all-aluminum keyboard is possibly most notable for its unique hybrid-cover approach, offering a beautifully machined bezel-covering top case that’s removable so it can effortlessly switch between a high-profile or floating key presentation Read More

trying to understand something..... why would you intentionally use the wrong size foam on the plate? plate gapping is 3.5mm.... you have 2mm foam, and a .5mm ixpe. so the plate will have a void... kinda seems pointless. what am i missing?
mdotHow do you know the plate gapping is 3.5mm? If the gap between the plate and PCB is 3.5mm, perhaps the 1mm void was to allow for flexing?
mattrisbecause this is a standard mx board... and mx spec and all mx switches call for 3.5mm
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