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IDOBAO ID63 60% Gasket Hot-Swappable Keyboard Kit

IDOBAO ID63 60% Gasket Hot-Swappable Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
In the new ID63 Keyboard Kit, IDOBAO is bringing a tailored gasket-mounted build to an ultra-compact 60% layout. Cutting down on space, but not performance, this bite-sized board has all the features of the fan-favorite ID67 Read More

Did whoever decided to sell this have eyes? I'm not spending money on caps I'll just throw in the trash where they belong, and wtf is that wall-phone looking cord? Offer this as barebones for less without all that cheap garbage and it would make for a nice looking board that I'm sure would get decent reception.
Apr 5, 2022
why not paint the case with pink color
Apr 5, 2022
Though everyone has said what can be said about the choice of keycaps, good lord. I thought staging product photos was supposed to make goods look more desirable.
Keycaps are ugly, but I kind of like the look of the case, btw I think it does not specify the case material anywhere in the description, if it's plastic this may be a bit steep, also consider selling a barebones kit.
Selfish_AndroidHello! The case material is aluminum.
SusanAty, much better indeed.
Apr 4, 2022
Good lord those keycaps are hideous. To each his/her own I know but DAMN!! They should give away the board just for the eye sore those things gave me.
Apr 4, 2022
I know you can have it changed but man this cable is ugly
$199............................ plate mount stabs on a steel plate................. feel like this is a late april fools joke.
yes, it has a steel plate, as opposed to the id80 that has an integrated aluminum plate, right? i do not think anyone is saying it is not aluminum. i asked as it did not state whether it was or not... there is no mention of materials other than a steel plate, commonly found on plastic boards.
Apr 7, 2022
mdotmaybe something mistaken happened between...
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