Oct 12, 2021
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Sep 18, 2021
I'm trying to figure out what's going on with the ISO keys. They look like they're supposed to support a UK layout, going by the # and @ keys provided. But the shifted legends on the 1 and 3 are wrong - 1 should be ! and 3 should be £. Why have an open bracket on 3, when there's no close bracket on 4?
I have purchased the black set directly from Idobao, and I want potential buyers to be aware that while the BoW is dye-subbed, the WoB is laser-etched. You can see from the pictures that the white legends are kind of dull, and they are even more subtle in real life, hard to see in dim light, and completely lost in glare if light hits at the wrong angle. (I tried to post a picture, but Drop deleted it. Not sure if that is because the picture and caption were unflattering, or if it is because I did not buy it from them. It's back for now.) If you can live with that, or prefer the BoW, these sets with their uniform profile and extra keys can be useful for a lot of different layouts. I wish their 9009 set had all of the keys they put in the white, black, and blue cat sets. Edit--I should also mention that orders direct from Idobao generally arrive in the U.S. in about two weeks. Drop's offer would be a better deal if they had them ready to ship, but they are probably unsure of how much demand there will be for these and didn't want to get stuck with inventory. I think Idobao's MA profile is an interesting option, and enjoy using the Blue Cat set. I would buy the BoW if I liked that sort of thing. It's unfortunate that they went with laser etching on the WoB, I think it would have been a great kit if it were double-shot or reverse dye-sub. Another Edit--Idobao commented on my picture saying that my WoB set is from an old process, and that the new process is dye-sub. My set was ordered from Idobao three weeks ago, and the legends were disappointing even though I had low expectations when I ordered them, so I have asked for clarification on this. If Drop will indeed be selling an improved version of the WoB set I will update my comments. I might even be willing to order one if I can write enough reviews to pay for it with rewards...
Sep 22, 2021
I like the grey on black look as well. Are the legends still durable?
Don't look if you're squeamish... I decided to sacrifice one of the ISO keys to satisfy my curiosity, and I am pretty much convinced that my set is from the etching+dip dying process. Rubbing the legend with a thumbnail for awhile made it a bit shiny, probably because the plastic is textured, and I might have rubbed some of the texture off. I dug at it and scraped a bit with an exacto knife, and it would take a bit of carving that way to remove much of it. That is what nicked the top of the 3. I finally just went at it with some 120 grit sandpaper, and although the surface is trashed, the legend is still there. Might still be almost usable if I clean it up with some finer sandpaper.

Sep 16, 2021
Am I the only one who would really like an international version of this? Will there be one?
Sep 18, 2021
It's got the ISO enter, the short shift and two blank 1U's so it would fit just fine on an ISO keyboard. Looks like it'll fit just fine on a lot of keyboards to be frank, including a 65% kit (GK64X) I'm considering... but my spare key switch sets are still in boxes :/
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