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Apr 30, 2016
I put mine together this evening and thought I'd post my perspective as a daily classic Ergodox user.
Aluminum plate: A+, much better than the plexi of the classic 'dox. I'd love for this to come in different colors. I should have painted mine, but I was impatient.
Matias switches: A+. These are the reason I bought this board. They're great, I like them a lot better than the Cherrys.
Stabilizers: B+. I wasn't expecting them to work with the Matias switches, but the 2u caps have Cherry type mounts on the edges, so they do. They were a huge hassle to install, but are nice, and aren't binding like some others have reported. I'm waiting on the two missing ones, I'll install those when they get here (soon, I hope).
Fasteners: A+. Much nicer than the classic 'dox.
LCD screens: C. I don't really care, I don't look at my keyboard.
LED with Matias switches: F. I wasn't real into the idea of LEDs, but figured I'd give it a shot. I got some of the square UV LEDs to mount to the underside of the board. The light is emitted out the top of the LED relative to the leads, which means you can sort of get a hover-type effect, but that's it. No light comes out the top side, even without the keycaps installed. Even at full brightness in a dim room, the effect is subtle. Maybe other colors work better, but I wouldn't recommend this combination.
Keycaps: C. As some have mentioned, they're a very tight fit, but I didn't break any switches installing/uninstalling.
Rubber feet in the kit: A+. A big oversight of the earlier versions of this board.
Case: C. It's fine, but I miss the classic 'dox full hand case. The paper backing on the plexi layers was a real pain. It was more filmy and less papery on the old 'dox. It was hard to start peeling it, and it was prone to tear and leave bits behind. I built two of the classic version, and never had this issue.
Things that would make me buy another 'dox even though I already have too many:
- Matias PBT DCS keycaps. I really like the DCS caps and Matias switches, but nobody seems to make these. - Fullhand case. Separate wrist rests are a hassle.
Apr 30, 2016
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