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James Donkey A3 Gasket Barebones Keyboard

James Donkey A3 Gasket Barebones Keyboard

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Product Description
The JamesDonkey A3 Gasket Keyboard checks a lot of boxes for any Mech Keys enthusiast. Modern, gasket-mounted action? Read More

Jan 14, 2023
What is the size of the space bar? 6.25U?
Mar 2, 2023
gciottYes, it's a 6.25u space bar
I purchased this board from Keebmonkey a month or so ago and it is, by far, the worst plate in a keyboard I've ever encountered. You could have the nicest switches and the nicest keycaps in there, but this plate is still loud af despite any sort of sound dampening one might attempt. I'm thinking of just doing a PCB mount with this one in an effort to make it quieter, but I'm not sure it will even work. Just be aware, if you're not into loud boards, maybe skip over this one until there is a new plate available. If anyone knows of another plate available, please guide me in the right direction because otherwise, this board is of fantastic quality and a great deal with the low price.
EraIsMeI bought mine from Keebmonkey too and I took another look last night at the finished board. I don’t have the same experience as you, perhaps you’re used to different plate types but this keyboard doesn’t sound that much louder than some of the others I have. It’s a hard plastic plate but I’d say it’s no different in sound than other solid plates like aluminum. In my case, I’m using Tecsee Carrot linears, Akko ASA keycaps and the sound is pretty good, IMO.
Oct 25, 2022
i'm confused why keyboards like this and the sense75 don't add the 4th key on the right like the GMMK Pro. Anyone know the reason behind this? I want to love this keyboard and the Sense75, but having 3 keys instead of 4 doesn't look nice to me. Also, having 1 less key when you see competitors have 4 automatically makes it seem inferior when there is just a blank spot there.
Oct 29, 2022
TonyWong888Likely visual preference. Some GB and upmarket boards have specific options for two or four keys in that column.
Jan 11, 2023
TonyWong888Personally I actually like the empty space, I use it as a finger rest. I bought a GMMK pro but got rid of it because of the extra keys there.
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