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Kailh BOX Jellyfish Master Series Mechanical Switches

Kailh BOX Jellyfish Master Series Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
Leading the way in linear switch performance, the Kailh Jellyfish switch has many of the benefits of its namesake—with almost none of the drawbacks. Part of Kailh’s Box and Master Series, the Jellyfish features durable polycarbonate housings, a high-molecular polyamide stem, and a Master-Series-exclusive structure to improve service life Read More

Customer Reviews

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94% would recommend to a friend
Jan 15, 2022
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Clackity Clack
Switches are smooth out of the box but definitely recommend lubing them. They have a nice pronounced Clack if that is the sound profile you are looking for. Even tho it's 60g bottom out it has a long spring so there's definitely an added resistance which makes it feel a little heavier like it's 63.5-67g. I picked these up for my Drop Carina. You don't find a lot of switches with fully clear housings so if you are trying to maximize LED throughput, these are a good option.
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Nov 27, 2021
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Great stock switches, even better lubed
The switches themselves had a little bit of crud in the bag with them, like a few hairs and bits of gunk which was odd, but other than that the switches are great even stock, but have a good, smooth, fairly high-pitched thock once lubed.
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If you want good plug-n-play switches...
Really like these on first impression. They're a bit expensive but they look and sound great, are nice and smooth out of the box, and have almost no stem wobble. to me, these are a Keebmonkey Iceberg with tighter tolerances. My only knock against the Icebergs was that the stem was a bit wobbly and these fix that. They are also slightly heavier than the Icebergs. Also love that these are box style so there's no need to worry about interference with north facing sockets. Easy recommend for me.
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Dec 18, 2021
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Smooth out of the box
Sounds quite clacky if you're into that. Slightly high pitched, and can't really compare to other switches since the sound is so unique. Consistent lubing from switch to switch.
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Nov 7, 2021
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It looks nice. Sounds clacky though.
The switch itself looks really nice. The transparent stem and housing lend to RGB very well. However, the switch is rather high-pitched and clacky and overall unimpressive. Even when lubed, I found myself preferring the Everglide Aqua King switches a lot more over these Kailh Box Jellyfish switches.
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The Most Mechanical Linear
They're... weird. Really smooth stock, and there appears to be pretty evenly applied lube. No spring ping to speak of. Top housing tolerances aren't great given how expensive these are, and because they're a box switch you can't exactly fix it with a film... Unless there's a film I don't know of that works with box switch housings? Sound is clacky, muted, and a touch flat. Each press has a very slight rattle to it, can't tell if it's the top housing moving or the green roller arm on the inside. If I get to re-doing these myself I'll update this review. If these were more refined I could reconcile with the sound since they feel great, but for the price so far I expected better.
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Smooth without needing to be lubed
These came factory lubed and are plenty smooth without any addition mod. Also easy to modify the 5 pins to fit 3 pin PCBs.
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Horrendous off-center binding
It’s an ok switch, I don’t think it’s as smooth as the gateron CJs or even the aqua king. What kills it for me is the off center binding. If you run SA (or anything higher than cherry), and you hit the corner of the keycap, it’s like pushing over a wall. In that sense it behaves like a tactile switch with a sharp bump.
Apr 19, 2023
Ares78Thanks for mentioning the off-center binding & SA keycaps. It's something a lot of reviews here probably would never have caught.
Jan 25, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Seriously surprised me
Incredibly smooth for a switch that isnt too known, and especially a linear by Kailh. Only bad things id have to say about this switch is that there is a slightly noticeable tick whenever it is actuated (most likely due to the green lever that presses the leaf), and they arent as smooth as the almost equally priced Aqua Kings stock. Though, lube completely fixes this issue. Overall, great clear-housing switch.
Dec 30, 2021
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smooth and clean out of the packaging
very smooth, clean and really pops on a Gmmk board.
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