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KB Paradise V80 ALPS Mechanical Keyboard

KB Paradise V80 ALPS Mechanical Keyboard

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Instead of plugging away at a rubber dome board with no feedback, or cluttering up your desk with more features than you’ll ever need, go back to basics with the V80 ALPS Mechanical Keyboard from KBParadise. Check out Geekhack user CPTBadAss's review of the V80 ALPS Read More

May 18, 2020
Can we please continue discussing the durability/QC issues people are experiencing? If this ever gets back on MD, it needs to have a lot better QC!
Feb 6, 2019
Hopefully people read about this issue. I was caught out and ended up with a problem keyboard. Because I was unable to try it quickly I ended up outside the Massdrop return window and the most they would do is credit me $15 on any new buy. SO... people beware and Massdrop please just drop this keyboard-switch combination from your offerings. When a manufacturer lets an issue remain a problem for this long they need to suffer some consequences.
Sep 6, 2016
It appears that Matias switches made during this year have had some significant QC issues. Potentially, this could affect any keyboards made this year with Matias switches -- keyboards from Matias and/or Matias-switch keyboards from KBP.
It would be good if Matias and KBP could make announcements about this and let existing and potential new customers know when the issue has been resolved and when new keyboards and new lots of bagged switches will be available from various vendors, including Matias, KBP, and MK.
May 13, 2016
I have the MATIAS quiet version and also have the character repeating problem on 'd', 'tab' and 'caps lock' keys. The problem cannot be solved by just popping the keycaps off and put them on. Disassembling the switch, cleaning and repositioning the switch contacts solves the problem, but this is not something average users want to do. In summary, It's the MATIAS switches that have some QC issues.
May 10, 2016
This keyboard has serious quality control issues. So far my down arrow key has key bounce on every 3rd or 4th press, and randomly it activates a ton of keys, here is a sample string it generates: "i`opuqwer" It keeps repeating that string along with some modifier keys and it does not stop until I start mashing keys to try to get it to stop, I don't know what makes it stop but finally after 20 or 30 seconds of activating all of those keys it stops. Pretty disappointed, I may seek to return this.
Update: the q,w,e,r,u,i,o,p keys no longer work and I am requesting a refund. I will keep this post updated in case others run into the same issue and want to see how it was resolved.
May 2, 2016
Something interesting happened. I re-tested my KB with original cord(previously, I used different one) in another computer, it works fine including right Ctrl and left arrow. what I noticed from keytester program is that now left win key is somehow sticky while it return to normal when I press the key again. Anyway, Seems my KB is not defected or so that I now somehow became happy again :)
May 2, 2016
I just got mine. Problem is, right Ctrl and left arrow keys don't work. Other keys are OK.(no sticking problem, for example) Got no idea what's the reason. (ㅠㅠ) Anyway, I gotta contact help center.
Apr 26, 2016
I just got my board...and the space bar doesn't work. Tried removing the key cap and pressing on the switch directly to no avail.
Apr 25, 2016
I'm getting somewhat significant keychatter - I've tried removing the keys and putting them back on, no luck. Is there any way to fix this? Otherwise I pretty much have to return it, it makes the keyboard nigh unusable.
Apr 28, 2016
IllegalThoughtsI ordered one from the November drop and another from the March drop, both with Quiet Pro switches. The November one is pretty bad and I'm about to see about returning it. No amount of fiddling works for long.
By contrast, the March one is fine. Two keys had slight bounce, but both were easy to fix and the fix has held.
Definitely some quality control issues here, whether with the kb vendor or with Matias. Which is a shame, as I otherwise love the board.
Apr 21, 2016
Just got my kb, and im fairly impressed by the overall quality.
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