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Keebmonkey Polycarbonate MDA Profile Keycaps

Keebmonkey Polycarbonate MDA Profile Keycaps

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Product Description
Keycaps in the Keebmonkey Polycarbonate MDA Profile Keycap Set are an exercise in precision molding—formed pristinely in polycarbonate to provide a translucent, smokey vibe for your keyboard. That polycarbonate not only makes for true see-through style, it also allowed Keebmonkey to injection-mold the keycaps in a way that makes their sprue marks all but invisible Read More

would be all over this... but the graphics on the enter and spacebar ruined it for me. really wish it had a plain unthemed option for those that wanted it.
Sep 14, 2022
Hey Drop, I feel like I ask this on any post I comment on but can you please include pictures which backlighting. Why would you not include it? Almost every product I'm interested in has no picture with the product on a lit up keyboard. Isn't it easy to include this? Please do so.
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